Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Great Week 9/7/2014

Dear all, 

Another great week in the life.  

We had 3 people come to church on Sunday!!!! But none of them could stay for sacrament mtg (its 3rd hour for us) so that was too bad. But the ward embraced them and loved them and all was well. 

So the YW Pres comes prepared every week with a lesson, even though there are no active young women. This week she prepared a really really good lesson and prayed extremely hard that she would be able to teach it. We didn't know our investigator would be coming, so we didn't call ahead of time but miracle, the sister was totally ready to teach this incredible lesson when our investigator and her friend showed up. It was perfect.
 The other investigator who came, we made a baptismal date with this week! She is an old investigator we picked up by calling her two months ago and almost everyone remembered her from 8 years ago. Crazy! God's timing is perfect! 

We taught our favorite family again. it didn't go as incredible as the other times but we taught baptism and really got them thinking. we didn't make dates but we feel like one of the girls is really close. sadly, they could come to church because of bukatsu [school sports] tournament . Lame.

Remember the family where the cute dad opened the door without a shirt on and then his wife got mad and their whole family is adorable? Well we taught them this week! They are a very busy family and meeting with them seems like its going to be a challenge but we are really excited about them. Last night their little 3 yr old was getting ready for the ofuro and was running around naked. His mom was just laughing haha. little boys are the same anywhere.  

Right now Law Shimai and I are trying to invite everyone possible to my last Sunday. I'm speaking (again) and there will be a shokujikai [potluck] afterwards. We made chirashi [flyers] and are inviting everyone and anyone I have ever met here. Its gonna be great and we are going to fiiiilllll the chapel. Wooo! pray for us. We need all the help we can get. 
Her name is also Mei (same kanji!) Also, that is Dad in 15 years desho [right]?!

Love this work and the Lord. Love you! 


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