Monday, September 15, 2014

Time Flies 9/15/2014

Hey there.  

Cant believe another week flew by. Is anyone else a little concerned with how fast this is all going? No? Because I am.  

This week we had 9 non members at the church building on Sunday. And none in sacrament meeting. Lame. We had 6 investigator young women at the church making brownies though, and that made me sooooo happy! The choros [elders] invited some young men,  but they didn't show, so basically the choros just taught the yw how to make brownies. It was really great. We wished we had more members there but when we did the church tour, we were so so grateful for the two members that were there. I've never wanted so badly to bring everyone we teach to church. I want the ward to feel the hope I feel, the dendo excitement that I feel. There are so many great young people who are ready to hear the gospel! We just need to keep teaching, finding, and leading them to church.  

Still inviting everybody and anybody to church on the 28th.  

The baptism dates we had for the 13th didn't make it. Mom is still smoking 2 packs a day so...please pray for her. But we made new dates and we are going to try to help them prepare by then.  

One investigator is practically a member. She came to the RS activity, brought flowers to a funeral of a person she didn't even know, and came to RS and participated. its great. 

Law Shimai is awesome. She always gives me new perspective and talks me into or out of things. So grateful for her.

Had an incredible lesson with an NA [non-active]. She prayed in the genkan [front entryway of the house] with us and she offered it! Probably the first time in a long time. Totally felt the spirit and Law Shimai and I couldn't stop beaming/laughing/rejoicing after we left.  

Missionaries are the same everywhere. I read Akisha`s email about looking at a rainbow and remembering that God always keeps His promises. Law Shimai and I had that exact same experience this week looking at a double rainbow. Heavenly Father will never ever let us down. He is always there for us, always will be.   

I love this work. I love missionary life. I love this ward. I love Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon.  

Love you all! Have another great week! 
This is what riding home in the dark with awesome earrings looks like. An investigator gave them to us. 
Sugihara Shimai

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