Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Transfer Call 8/25/2014

Dear all,  

Transfer week came and went...I stayed! Most anti-climatic phone call, since Law Shimai got her call first and had it on speaker. But I recorded my official last transfer call on my camera. Woohoo I'm so happy I got to stay. Things are really moving here and I'm excited for what is to come. 

I'm so in love with my mission. The working all day every day, the members who do so much for us, for our bishop who is also the dendo shunin [mission leader], our investigators, the rain and then the heat, the alarm at 6:15, working with other missionaries, learning from my companion, praying constantly, falling in love with the scriptures, being so tired I fall asleep when praying, feeling the spirit to go visit someone or go a certain direction, waiting for an investigator to show up to church and not, teaching a family English, praying with that entire family before eating yakiniku [BBQ] and seeing the dad bow his head, close his eyes, and fold his arms as his 14 yr old daughter says the prayer, listening to an NA [non-active] shimai tell us how much she loves her kids and wishes she could pray with them, making crafts with the Relief Society shimai, teaming up with a member who hadn't teamed up for over ten years, going home overloaded with 'fruits basket' [box of food from members], planning, really listening to someone talk and feeling the spirit tell me exactly what to say, apologizing to my companion when I'm in the wrong, hugging shimai [sisters], feeling gratitude for every person we meet, and the being in bed by 10:30 but not falling asleep right away because of a deep conversation with my companion. I love my mission; I love all of it. It`s so hard to explain, but I'm just really grateful. Yes, there are a lot of not so fun things too but because we have those, it makes the good moments that much better. 
I'm so happy right now. I've never been more focused and never felt so at peace. All is well.  

Love you all. 


Sugihara Shimai 

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