Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy O-bon! 8/18/2014

Dear all, 

Happy Obon! [Shinto summer festival honoring deceased ancestors.] 

A lottttttt happened this week. So much. Sometimes I wish I was on "The District" so all of my dendo could be filmed, but lets be honest, me and mom would probably be the only ones who would want to watch it haha.

So remember the little boy (Ryoga-kun) who we made a baptism date with last week? We made a baptism date with his mom this week! She wasn't really into it at first but when we told her that he wanted to get baptized, she said she wanted to get baptized with him. Yayyy!!!! Right now we are trying really hard to get the ward involved so that when they get baptized, they will stick but right now we are a little concerned because as of next month, there will be no boys in primary. Also, there is no one his age. Sooo either we need to go find another family with an 8 yr old, or reactivate the only other little boy in the ward. But I have faith that the Lord will provide, as long as we work our hardest. Teaching him is quite the challenge. I've never prepared so much for lessons or thought so hard how to make it as simple as possible, but it is so fun! His attention span is pretty short but knows what to expect when we come. The other day when we went to visit, he was outside waiting for us :) I seriously love that little boy. He kind of reminds me of Jonah (who will always be 7 or 8 in my head). A little loud and crazy but a really good kid. Ryoga just needs a little love.  

We also met the little obaachan [grandma] who also has a baptism date. We taught her the same thing we did before--a little simpler--but I still don't think she understands. After we taught her lesson one/restoration, she asked, so why are there so many churches? She had a bunch of other church`s pamphlets and we explained to her the difference but... we might have to explain it again. She isn't that old but she smokes and sits in her apt all day watching horror movies by herself so Law Shimai thinks that hasn't done her any favors. We`ll see though, she said she would come to church this week. We love her so much though and are going back tonight! 

So the elders are really into unity right now. Unity between missionaries, missionaries and members, and among members. They had this idea to do something for the bishopric and Relief Society presidency so that they could become friends outside of the church scene. The elders rented a room and we brought food that we made and showed them all the appreciation that we have for them. We also made them go around in a circle and tell each other why they were grateful for each other. It's probably Japanese culture that that kind of stuff isn't said regularly, but there were a lot of warm fuzzy feelings and smiling people in the room when we finished going around the circle. These members work so so so hard and are always helping us. The elders were brilliant with this idea. The members said that in all their years of membership, no missionaries had ever done something like this before. so we made history! The elders have really put their whole souls into uniting this ward and we have just been helping on the side. It's only been one transfer but we feel a difference in the ward. There is more dendo fire than before! Yay!  

We had two NAs [non active members] come to church, wooooo! We have lots of people who have potential or who are interested and that makes us very happy. This week is transfer week and although I would seriously love to stay, I know its up to the Lord, so I'm not nervous at all. I trust Kaicho :) On Tuesday I will get my last transfer call. So crazy!  

Hope all is well back home. I hope Ojiisan is okay and that Jim recovers soon. I pray for our family every day. Love you all so very much and am grateful for the letters and love! Church is true! 

Sugihara Shimai

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