Friday, August 15, 2014

A Great Week! 8/11/2014

To my favorite friends and family, 

This week was incredible. Literally, one of the greatest weeks ever. There have been a lot of weird things going on lately in our district, but Law Shimai and I decided we just needed to stop thinking about all the junk that has been going on and focus on the many people we have been blessed with. We really wanted to focus on our purpose as missionaries because lately, things are have been really off and its been distracting. We were so blessed because we really focused this week. And truly, the area is really starting to move. And the ward is really starting the feel the fire. Yes! We dendo-ed [did missionary work] with so many members this week. NA [non-active] visits, team up lessons, etc. It felt so `right`, like, that's the way its supposed to be. I'm so so so grateful for this ward and all the help that they give us. Speaking of which, fruits basket is overflowing with cucumbers and nasubi [eggplant]. Trying to get creative but there's only so much nasubi I can eat. 

Members keep giving us giant nasubi [eggplant]!

So much happened this week but I will try and include as much as I can!  

So, remember the family I told you about: Grandma is NA [non-active], daughter and grandson aren't members? Well they came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! AND, we made grandson, who is eight, a baptism date! When we asked him if he wanted to get baptized after explaining it very simply, he said no because he didn't like the water. But then we asked him again and he said yes. When we asked why, he said he didn't really know why yet. We planned on making a date with his mom too but she wasn't there when we had the lesson so that's going to happen tomorrow! 'Im a little nervous about teaching all of the lessons to an 8 yr old but the gospel is simple enough for a child to understand it. When they came to church yesterday, so many members helped us. There were members sitting by them, talking to them, giving little boy worksheets to do during sacrament meeting, etc. I got overwhelmed with all of the love and support and was so grateful for all of their help. Because seriously, there is no way Law Shimai and I can do this by ourselves. We are going to need the ward every step of the way.  

Grandma is a member, daughter and grandson soon will be, too.
Remember the obaachan [grandma] who let us in in the rain? Well we made a baptismal date with her too! She is the tiniest cutest lady and I'm not sure how much she really understands what we are teaching yet, but she believes in God and is praying every night. So far, she is doing great :) She wasn't home at the last appt we made so we need to visit her again asap (she doesn't have a phone......) . There are a lot of members who live around where she lives so that's really convenient.  

We met the CUTEST family yesterday. Mom and Dad were both young and really adorable. and their two kids, 8 and 3, were so so cute. They were hilarious. At first the dad came to the door with no shirt on, but right as he opened the door, the mom pulled up in the driveway and told him to get back in and put a shirt on. He sheepishly went and grabbed a shirt as we talked to the mom. They are both interested in English and we talked about the importance of families and what we are doing as missionaries right now. They were impressed and were totally okay with us coming back (they were getting ready for bed). Bad news is that they both work. Good news is they loved us and are interested. So yay! Law Shimai totally received inspiration to go housing in that area and I am so grateful for that. It's times that like that make every rejection worth it.
The adorable family that we met yesterday. Did I ask to take a picture with them right after meeting them. Yes. Best dendo ever. You get to remember the little moments!
Also in the same area, Law Shimai pinged a house and asked to use their bathroom. They were so nice and let us in, and then left and continued watching tv in the other room. It was hilarious. I was just chilling in the genkan [front entryway] by myself (the bathroom was right by the genkan) and we didn't really know what to do after she was done. But they came to the genkan again and said goodbye haha. So funny and awkward.  

So Law Shimai is a very incredible study-er (?). And as a positive result, my studies have gotten a lot deeper. I have been studying edification and meekness lately. I don't think I understand them enough yet but it's fascinating what I'm learning. I really want to retake all of my religious classes at BYU because frankly, I didn't really get much out of them. Which was totally all my fault. But I love learning from the scriptures right now. its so interesting!  

For everything that has happened lately, we really feel Heavenly Father`s help and guidance. It's such an incredible feeling. I love being a missionary and I love being guided every day and how to dendo [do missionary work] and what to say to people when we teach them. The work truly is God`s work and there is nothing that is going to stop it. Being a missionary is the best!!! 
Dinner at a member's house. LOVE them! They are all so funny. And dinner was delicious.

Love you all! Thank you for all of your letters and love and support. Have a great week!!!!!! 

Sugihara Shimai

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