Friday, August 15, 2014

August Already?? 8/4/2014

Dear all, 

Umm, where did July go?! How is it already August? Although time is flying by, the heat is getting a little more intense. This week was so hot. So much sweat and not a lot of cute. Sister missionary life, my friends. 

Apparently bad air came over from China and was causing the smog. A member gave us the masks to wear. Not sure how friendly we looked going home....

So the really nice lady who let us in when it was raining? We went back and turns out she had been praying every night! There is a chance that her prayers consist of "Dear Heavenly Father, Amen". BUT she is making an effort. Don't worry, we explained prayer again, a little more in detail. When we back to visit her again a couple days later, she wasn't home. However, my ever inspiring companion said, well maybe this means something else great is going to happen. And it did! We were able to meet an NA [non-active] that we have been trying to meet for the past two weeks. It was perfect timing and we caught her in her driveway. Turns out she has been having a hard time and were able to share a really great message with her. Right now she is taking care of her alzheimer parents so she can't come to church. But her heart is in the right place. I was so grateful we were able to meet her!  

We had natsumatsuri [summer festival] at the church this week. So many people came! Not so many investigators but lots of people from ecc and our NA/part member family came! We are also doing an FHE [Family Home Evening] with them today :) yay yay! We had zone conference this week and I was able to talk to kaicho [President] about a couple concerns so that was really nice. He really is such an inspired man and I am so grateful for all of his wisdom. 

Us at the natsumatsuri [summer festival]. It was Law Shimai's first time wearing a yukata.

My companion and I are still learning to work together. We are very different and we disagree on a lot but, when we talk things out and listen to each other, I feel our companionship grow a lot stronger. She is really funny and seriously loves Japan and the people here. She has studied the gospel a ton and is really deep. I learn so much from her everyday. Sometimes I roll my eyes (in my mind Mom!) at the things she says, but most of the time I just have to laugh. We come from very different worlds but our purpose is the same and so we can work together. I'm so grateful for that.  

I love these little girls! Their grandparents bring them to church almost every week.

This week I have been studying meekness. Its difficult and I still don't understand it completely, but I'm learning more and more that if you want to study_______, study Jesus Christ. He really was and is the perfect example in everything, especially meekness. I know that He is our Savior and the only we can and will be saved.  

Love you and am so grateful for your examples. Thank you for all of the letters and love! Have a great week!

A shirt we found shopping last week. Couldn't stop laughing at all the silly English.

Sugihara Shimai

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