Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suehiro Life 6/30/2014

Dear all, 

Another week flew by. Not sure where it went. 

It's humid. So I usually don't wear face makeup anymore because I would sweat it all off anyway. Cute huh? As my lovely companion described it, my arms are ombre, my hands are dark-dark brown, my arms dark brown, and my upper arms a light tan.  
Lovely tan lines...

I think I mentioned this before but right now, we are trying to work hard with the ward to reactivate members. The member records are about 15 pages, long but only about 50 people come. We visit NAs [non actives] every day and go looking for them when we cant find them. This week we had a wide range of reactions. One NA told us that she has no intention of going back to church and to stop visiting her. That was actually a huge bummer because the visit before, she said we could come back. Another NA came to the genkan [front entry of the house] and talked to us for about 15 minutes before she had to leave for work. She was really nice, young, and receptive. It was so nice and I was so happy afterwards! Another NA opened the door was said, "Shimaiiii! Please come in! Do you have time to do a lesson?" Us: "....Of course we do!!!" Miller Shimai's face was priceless. Turns out this shimai is only half NA and goes once a month. But we got to talk to her and her non member husband. She also gave us ice cream.  :)  

The city of Suehiro has kind of been hard. We aren't finding new investigators and the ones we do find call us back and say they aren't actually interested. Kind of frustrating. We had a couple drop us this week and the ones that this area already had, we haven't been able to meet. But we keep praying and working hard, hoping that the Lord has this totally prepared person waiting for us. We just need to find them. We had a really good lesson with an investigator about the restoration. She is actually already Christian. But while we were talking her phone went off and we heard "Bieber! slkdjfasldkjfskd." In my head , I was thinking, "Bieber? Whats that?" But then I looked at Miller Shimai's face and realized Ohhhhhh Justin Bieber! Totally forgot he even existed. But now, we hear his music everywhere. And then today at the grocery store, we heard the first few beats of a song and Miller Shimai and I both paused. And then at the same time we said "I love this song. We need to leave right now." haha. I love Japan, but they play too much American music!
Anyways, the lesson ended well and we are going back this week.

Crab a member made for us. So delicious! And did I know how to eat it? Yes. Thank you Lopez Island and Dad!
Saying Hello to the famous Hokkaido "Hairy Crab" (Kegani) 

Also, this week we have a second zone conference because Nakatsuka Kaicho/Shimai [the new mission president and wife] are here! It's this Friday, so that will be exciting to meet them.  

I've been studying humility this transfer and I've learned a lot in general about Christ-like attributes. I think my whole mission I've had this image of going through all these experiences and then because of them, coming out a better person. Which, I'm hoping I partly will but Elder Christofferson said something interesting which totally changed my perspective. At his fireside we had a q and a and one shimai asked how to develop more patience. His response was that we cant manufacture it inside of us. Its a gift of the spirit. I think I've been trying to 'manufacture' patience and charity and all of the other attributes, when what I should've been doing is praying harder for them! Just an interesting thought I would share. I love studying every morning. Personal study is my favorite time of the day :) I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time the other day. Started it again today :) I love it and the strength it gives.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I Love you all!!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for all of the letters!!!!


Sugihara Shimai

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