Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Has Arrived 6/25/2014

We got to go to the zoo this week!
Dear all,  

The heat rolled in this week. It got hot. But the nights are still a little breezy so still have to carry around a cardigan. The rain stopped (finally!) and we dendo-ed on.  

So remember the investigator I wrote about last week? The one who lived in Idaho for 2 years with a Mormon family? Well we had a lesson with her! We asked if we could stop by and instead she invited us over for dinner. We met her husband and they are an adorable couple. They are in their mid twenties so still young. We sat around, eating, and talking about their background, hobbies, etc. We asked her to pray over the food and she didn't, but when we did she said なつかしい![I remember that!] I'm taking that as a good sign. Her husband has never really thought about God and religion but is willing to listen! :) We talked about the Book of Mormon and committed her to read it. She also gave the closing prayer. I was soooo happy after her lesson! She is so nice and friendly! We invited her to church but she declined. Not really sure why yet but we will find out this week at her lesson. I'm really excited about her.  :)  

The STLs [Sister Training Leaders] came to visit and kokan [splits]. Kind of funny being on the receiving end. It was Kuroki Shimai and Osterloh Shimai (Miller Shimai's previous companion) so it was basically a reunion. Along with learning a lot from their example, we got to hear about each others' areas. The Chinese guy still hasn't gotten baptized yet because he had a school trip, but he is still trying really hard to quit smoking! I still haven't eaten chocolate. Its been a month since I have eaten chocolate. I'm finally starting to not crave it anymore haha. Miller Shimai is such a good influence- I eat so healthy thanks to her!  

So we are finding a lot lately. Lots and lots of finding. We need more and new investigators. But also, the ward needs our help. Other than the 5 primary kids, everyone is old. There are no youth because they are all NA. The elders have been working really hard and trying to figure out a way to get them together and back to church since a lot of them don't want to come since there isn't anyone their age here, which is understandable. So that's were a lot of our focus will also be going to. We had a stake conference that was broadcasted from SLC and it was about hastening the work of salvation. it was about working with the missionaries but a lot was about our own wards and the youth. Pretty powerful. it was Elder Walker, Christofferson, Stevenson and Sister Oscarson. The first two spoke in Japanese which I think for the members was really powerful. It left an impact. Maybe I will write you what they talked about it. It was a really good conference, one of the best if not the best.  
Our district on the way to the zoo

Lots of learning opportunities this week. The 'older' I get, the more I realize that I cannot dendo without the Lord. Its so obvious, and yet I forget it too often. I've been shown my weaknesses and come to appreciate Ether 12:27 much more. I am a very imperfect tool but I know that in the hands of the Lord, I can help further this work. And oh what a glorious work it is! I love it. Like Jonathan said, I've never been so tired, happy, and spiritually emotional my whole life. But I also feel closer to the Lord than I ever have before. I'm so grateful for that. I love this gospel with my entire being and hope that people who don't will someday come to accept it.  

Love you all and appreciate you so much! Keep the letters coming ;)

Sugihara Shimai


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