Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Little Tough 7/7/2014

Happy Independence Day!

Hey so transfers are this week. What?! It doesn't feel like transfers and I don't think my companion is leaving so we'`re acting like its not. Perfect. Sounds like Jonathan got a new companion and is learning lots already :) Speaking of companions, this week was a little rough. Miller Shimai got sick and was throwing up for literally 2 days. She slept all day and I called old investigators and every non-attending member in the area book. It was exhausting. I much rather would have spent the day outside riding my bike but she just wasn't in any place too. Funny story though (she gave me permission to share this). On Saturday we were housing and looking for an NA and her stomach started to hurt. She wasn't throwing up anymore but her tummy was still having issues. We were walking around and all of the sudden she goes, Sugihara Shimai, I need a bathroom RIGHT now. My response, Okay well lets go to the park over there, I think there's a bathroom there. Miller S: No, I need it RIGHT now. It cannot wait. Me: Okay well lets go ring that persons doorbell. 
*Pin pon [ding dong]

Me (on the intercom): Hey we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are doing volunteer work. Could we use your bathroom?
Lady: Sorry, I cant really come to the door right now.
Me: Can we please use your bathroom?
Lady: ...Its occupied. Sorry! 
Next house. 
*pin pon. Man answers the door. 
Me: Hi we are missionaries for the church......and we are doing volunteer work. Is your wife home?
Man: No. 
Me: We are sharing this great message. Here is a chirashi [pamphlet]. We'll come back later!  (worst contact I have ever done but Miller S was dying)
Next house. Pin pon.
Intercom me: Hi we are missionaries, etc., etc. Can we use your bathroom?
Miller S in the background : Hurry up!!!
Grandpa comes out to the door, tells us to go to the park and to not ask to use people's bathrooms. 

Somehow Miller S was able to make it to the park (the one she originally said no to) and things worked out. But I could not stop laughing at the hilarity of it. Good times.  

On a more spiritual note, we met Nakatsuka Kaicho Shimai [President and Sister Nakatsuka] and oh my, I love them! They came to Asahikawa and did a zone conference. It was so spiritual and powerful. Totally different from the Evans, but equally as incredible. Shimai is so loving and get telling us to eat more at lunch haha. I really already love them and am really bummed I don't get to see all the changes that are going to happen with them here. N Kaicho [President N] talked about obedience and that natural man and the difference between the law of Moses and Christ's law. It was really deep doctrine and was really fascinating. He is brilliant and perapera [fluent] in English.  
New Mission President and his wife at Zone Conference . They know Sho and Rie-san (Sho's wife), too!

This week was a little harder. Sick time is always hard but things just weren't going as well as we hoped. We dropped 2 investigators because they aren't progressing and just aren't willing to act. That was a bummer but both lessons went well. Then we had an incredible lesson with an NA [non active] and her nonmember daughter. Somehow things just totally worked out and we were able to teach both of them and invite them to church. For the first time, they said yes they would come! We were so excited and happy! There was also an 8yr old grandson who was there and we promised that if he was quiet for 10 min, we would play soccer with him. He listened and was quiet and then we played with him for a little bit. I think we gained a little bit more trust with him and hopefully he will excited the next time we come :) Saturday`s dendo [proselyting] was overall just a miracle. The whole week had kind of been slow and not effective but Heavenly Father blessed us so much on Saturday. It was a reminder that He is always aware of us and our needs. I'm so grateful for that. Amidst those couple days when things weren't working out and Miller s was sick, I prayed for some heavenly help. The answer I got was be more grateful. Somehow, things always go so much better when you're grateful. The situation usually doesn't change, but there is a new light that comes in and just makes life brighter. So I am much better now and yes, more grateful for what has been going on.  
I am grateful for Genghis Khan BBQ!  This family have been feeding the missionaries once a month for over twenty years-!

I love feeling the Spirit and feeling it work through me. I am far from perfect and still much too impatient, but its a work in progress. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is patient with me. I love being a missionary and love working every day! I'm healthy, happy, and the work is moving forward. Thank you for all of your letters. They are much appreciated and really make my whole day brighter :) Love you all and congrats to all of my friends who are getting married! Which, is most of you.  

Have a great week! 

Sugihara S.  

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