Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Much Happened This Week! 3/17/2014

Dearly beloved,

 So much happened this week but I have ten minutes so here it goes.

 1. WE MADE A BAPTISMAL DATE! It's for May but its a strong date. Our investigator is so ready for baptism. She came to church for the first time on Sunday and had a really good experience. She is 81 and so things are a little slower paced but I'm totally fine with that. Our member team-up has become best friends with her and things are going really great. 

 2. **Secret** We are going to youth conference next week since the theme is missionary work and they wanted to make a video about the day to day life of a missionary. So we had two shimai come over at 6:30 and shoot our entire morning. Breakfast, exercise, getting ready, study. The other shimai were the main ones being interviewed but we got to be a part of it :) I felt like I was on "The District"! 
Exercise in the morning, every morning.
3. Went to Asahikawa, had exchanges, gave a great workshop with my companion, translated the other workshops, participated in the musical fireside. Got on a 7 am bus the next morning and made it back to church in time Sunday morning for my talk. Winged it and somehow it went well :)
At the Train Station
 4. Didn't acknowledge that I went into the MTC a year ago.

 5. Mission Leader Meeting went well. Sapporo mission is working hard! 

 And I think that is about it! Thank you for all of your love and support. Our investigators are progressing but we are looking for more right now. Keep praying!! Also, I would love a letter now and then ;) The gospel is true and the only way to happiness. Love you all! 
My Roomies!
Look what I found at the Mall!


Sugihara Shimai


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