Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello! 3/10/2014


Hope everyone is genki [healthy] and happy. Any news? Any changes? 

Transfers went smoothly and I got a new companion! Annnnnnddddd....there are now 4 STLs [Sister Training Leaders]! Yay! Which means that takes half the load off of us, which is truly a blessing. So so so grateful. My companion's personality is similar to mine but so far, in a week, we haven't had any problems so I'm hopeful there will continue to be smooth sailing :) She is already on a rampage the clean the apartment so I am more than happy to let her go for it. (My cleaning fire burned down after about 3 weeks after moving in. It's gross how you get used to it).  

We have been given a lot of responsibility this transfer (going to youth conference as representatives of the mission, workshops at zone training meetings, talks in church, exchanges, etc.) Busy busy but I prefer it that way. Not to mention lessons and dendo in our own area, which by the way is growing! A member gave us a referral and we went out to lunch with her last week and she came to church yesterday! And then we had a lesson afterwards. And we have another appt this week. I love referrals; they really are the smoothest way to find investigators. They already have a friend in the gospel! another investigator is reading the Book of Mormon every day and studying the old testament along with it. Another is having a hard time believing in Joseph smith and his experience but she is also reading the Book of Mormon. We are progressing over here!  
Trio Dendo in between transfers

This week is busy. We have district meeting and English class Tues, mission leader conference on Wednesday, Thurs we go to Asahikawa (bus 2.5 hours), exchanges, Asahikawa zone training meeting, a mini musical fireside, then race back to Sapporo to give a talk in church on Sunday. But in between all of that we have got plans to teach so that is what matters :)  
Odori District
I love being a missionary and love this gospel. I learn more each day about the power of The Book of Mormon and prayer. Both are so necessary. Thank you for all of your support and prayers! They are needed and appreciated <3
      So many missionaries went home this transfer. So sad to see them go! (We were in the same district for a while) 

 Love you all!

Sugihara Shimai


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