Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's a Beautiful Life - 3/2/2014

Dear all,  

Just want to let everyone know that I am happy and well. There have definitely been a lot of challenges this transfer. But the other day as I was pondering everything that has been going on, I thought came to mind. It was "without these challenges you can't grow." A lot of the shimai have been having issues lately and all I want to do is solve everything for them, but I can't. And that is why. We have to have these problems to grow. D&C 122:7 is now one of my favorite scriptures. It is so powerful and has brought a lot of comfort. And truly, all of these things are for my good. So there is the truth on how I have been feeling lately :) I am happy and well, just always learning!  

In other news, I had a celestial kingdom reunion experience on Saturday. We had our second music concert and it was at Atsubetsu. I got to see old investigators, members, NAs and...missionaries. Nanjo shimai came to watch!!!!!! I had no idea she was coming and when I saw her in the hallway I screamed and was so so so happy. That was probably one of the happiest moments yet. I was so surprised. Another shimai [sister] and another choro [elder] who went home recently also came. It was such a great concert and will probably be on youtube soon :)  
Me with old companions
We went on kokans [splits] in Ebetsu and Hakodate this week. Just getting to know the rest of the shimai and always learning from everyone else. We were also able to meet with a few investigators as well! One obaachan [grandma] read everything up until 2nd Nephi but didn't understand it so is reading it again. She even bought the Old Testament and is comparing Isaiah. I don't even do that... She is the sweetest nicest lady and I love teaching her. She is a little old so understanding takes some time but she keeps her commitments and still meets with us so that makes us happy :) The plague (flu) has hit Hokkaido so a lot of people are out with it. Makes meeting people a little hard but most of our investigators are safe.  
One of my favorite investigators in Astubetsu
A roommate's mom and Ojiisan [grandpa] came to visit and watch the concert. Her Ojiisan isn't a member but she had a lesson with him and made a baptismal date. So daitan. A part of me was jealous but I know that everyone has their own timing. Someday the rest of the family will accept the gospel :) It was fun to go out to eat with them and talk to her mom. Almost felt like I got to see my own mom :)  

Life is good. All is well. Transfer calls came early for me (STL stuff). It's still top secret but I'm not transferring. I'm staying and I have a new companion. Nihonjin! So there you go :)  

Church is true! Jesus is the Christ and I love this gospel!

Love you all! 

Sugihara Shimai

I sent a similar picture like this almost a year ago. We found her housing and shoveled snow for her. Her baptismal date is in April!

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