Monday, February 24, 2014

Zone Conference, Snow Festival 2/9/2014

Hey all!
Another crazy day of music practice and mayhem at the hombu soo...I wrote a letter instead.

Visitors from Tokyo came (psychologist and doctor) and we had a big zone taikai. It was fun to see everyone!

Somehow even though we were really busy, we had a good dendo week. Lots of miracles with the Lords hand guiding us.

We went to the snow festival and it was pretty cool! Lots of big sculptures, etc.

This week has been really really cold.

Kaicho [Mission President]asked me who I thought would be a good next STL. As if my opinion is important ha.

Pretty sure I have tendonitis in my wrist. So I bought a wrist brace.

All is well in Sapporo and zion. Thank you for all your love and support!! Church is true!

Sugihara Shimai

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