Monday, February 24, 2014

Well Hey There 2/17/2014

Dear all, 

We had a lesson this morning so we are emailing at night. The hombu is quiet and there is hardly anyone here. So nice! 

What a week. Here it goes-- 

Tuesday we had district meeting and then a lunch appt with a potential investigator. We went with a member and had lunch together. It was really fun and we had a good gospel discussion but I think she was content with that. Not sure if she will meet with us again but we tried in the short time we had. We had to book it out of the restaurant and run down 3 flights of stairs to the train. We got there 30 seconds before it arrived (tender mercy!) Being STL has its benefits, I got to go to Kushiro for 3 days!! There was a zone training meeting and Furue s and I felt like we needed to go. Obihiro zone is pretty inaka [country] and far but we felt like we should go. The zone leaders asked us to do a workshop and so that settled things!    Seats for the train to Kushiro weren't reservable beforehand and since it was a holiday, it was full. But somehow we managed to buy two tickets and get on our way. Sometimes, my heart had a hard time handling the stress of cutting it so close haha but somehow it always works out. We have to use our time the most we can, right? 

ZTM [Zone Training Meeting] was really good; 3 elders from that zone are going home so we got to hear their testimonies. Such great missionaries; its sad to see older missionaries going home. This transfer 14 are going home and ten are coming. Big changes! Bu anyways, Kushiro was really really good. I got to meet 2 old investigators and....K shimai!! My favorite NA deaf shimai :D The whole day was a miracle, somehow we met everyone we wanted to. When we rang K shimai's doorbell, there was no answer. I was bummed and so I started to write her a little note but then, they pulled up!!! I ran to the car and when she opened the door, I gave her a big hug. She was so surprised to see me! She invited us in and I got to use shuwa [sign language] for the first time in a while. It came back :) Kushiro shimai missionaries send her scriptures every night so she has been reading the Book of Mormon every day. Yayy!!!! She still hasn't come to church yet but she will, someday. I know she will :) 
It was good to see all the inaka [country] shimai as well. Being away from other people, I think it was nice for them to interact with other shimai.  

In other fantastic news, 3 of our investigators kept their commitments and are progressing! We also got to meet an investigator we haven't met since my first week in Odori. Our lesson this morning went fantastic too. This lady is Islam but has an interest in other religions and I think is pondering a lot about life. We also met a PI for lunch (at an all natural vegan raw restaurant to be exact) and she said she would be okay to listen to the gospel. "I probably won't believe it but sure I'll listen" was her response haha but we will take it. We had a lot of good things happen to us this week and definitely felt the Lord's hand in our work. The Lord really does put prepared people in our path.  

Furue s has the sniffles and I got a sore throat so we wore matching masks to church. It was cute :) I'm feeling better but she isn't doing so great. We had plans to go play today but ended up staying home and sleeping. Fun fun! I'm grateful though for the mask culture because I don't have to worry about her coughing all over me :)   

Life is good. Heavenly Father is great. Christ lives. I'm grateful for every day I have here and grateful for every day I have left. I love this gospel with all my heart and know its true!! Love you all and thank you for your love and support! I still love letters ;) 

Sugihara Shimai

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