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Sign Language, Funerals and Transfers 11/3/2013


Hope all is well in real life! We had a really good week this week. For being transfer week, it wasnt very stressful because...I didnt transfer! AND I stayed with Baker shimai! When the AP told us on the phone we both shouted (...screamed) with happiness. `You guys are being urusai` was his response but we didnt care. Both of us wanted to stay in Kushiro and with each other and we actually did! So we get to be here for when the ground freezes over (literally) :) Although it is already double thermal season ha.

Baker s` face has healed nicely thank goodness. We had Andrus Kaicho`s funeral this week. Even if its a small one, relief society is amazing. The ward was in charge of the whole thing and it took a lot of planning but it turned out really well. There were a lot of people who came and the talks were really good. For some reason, I was asked to conduct the music. I thought conducting music wasnt that hard and thought I knew how but multiple people in the audience made it clear that I had no idea what I was doing...embarrassing. I think Andrus Kaicho wouldve been happy at what a great dendo opportunity it was since most of the people there werent members.

We had two dinners at members houses...on the same day (it was painful and I dont ever want to it again). The first one was with a NA shimai who happens to be deaf. She is possibly my favorite person in all of Hokkaido. She lives with her husband (who is also deaf) and is the nicest shimai I think I have ever met. She made a goooorgeous dinner but since it was earlier than her usual dinner, just watched us eat haha. It was funny. Im getting better at sign language and can understand quite a bit by lip reading. She has never been able to hear but her husband could when he was little so he can speak pretty well. We were having a fun time talking and eating and then she asked if she could invite her neighbor over. This shimai hasnt been to church in over ten years but she wanted us to introduce the gospel to her friend. We were so excited and of course said yes. She sent her husband to go get her and then the conversation got even more exciting. We had English, Japanese and sign language going on. It was so much fun! Since that was before transfers and we didnt know who would leave, we said our goodbyes. She gave us toys and little keychains, which was so cute (the toys in the picture). She gave us hugs which made me so happy; its been so long since I have had a good hug from someone other than my companion. Riding home on our bikes that night, we were both a little emotional and so badly wanted to stay in Kushiro. The dinner we had after that was with our new branch president and his family. That was with all of the missionaries so that was fun.

I have a new goal in life. Its a pretty huge goal but I want to learn Japanese and American sign language and be an interpreter. How cool would that be?! Its a lofty goal that will probably take an entire lifetime but I love sign language. I never knew haha.

Our dendo this week wasnt as successful (a lot of finding and appointments fall through) but Baker s and I are still working hard. Her Japanese is getting better which makes me excited :) We have a lot of lessons planned for the upcoming week so Im looking forward to a better week. Thank you all for your love and support, especially the letters!

All is well in the land of Kushiro and dendo. Keep praying for us; we need it!

Love you all!


Sugihara Shimai

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