Monday, February 24, 2014

Of Earthquakes, Bike Accidents and Thermals 10/27/14

Konnichiwa! Happy P-day!

Hope everyone is well :) I cant believe October is almost over! I feel like I say that everyone month haha but really. Time is flyyyying by.

We had a big week so I will try and get it all in !

The other night, I woke up in the middle of the night with the wind howling and the door rattling. Then I felt my futon start moving back and forth. It probably wasnt even that much but in my half asleep state, it felt like I was being rocked back and forth. I also had the thought of getting under a table but decided I would be fine, and went back to sleep haha. The next morning after prayers, Baker s and I looked at each other and said Did you sleep through that last night?! Both of us woke up but both of us thought the other was sleeping through it. Neither of us made the effort to wake the other up; sleep was more important ha. Thankfully we were completely fine.

We had another adventure on Saturday. Baker s was leading and she somehow hit the curb wrong when trying to go up it and she wiped out hard. I got off my bike, pulled her bike off her, and asked her if she was okay. She said she was so I got both of our bikes out of the street and went to check her out. She was holding her chin and there was blood. This is how the conversation went:

Baker s showing me her chin: Is it bad?

Me: Youre fine, its not that bad.......actually, let me see it again.

Baker s shows me again.

Me: Yeah lets get you to a hospital.

Baker s: What?

Cue me running around getting the map, grabbing my stuff out of my bike, helping Baker s up and starting to freak out haha. Thinking about it now, its comical but at the wasnt haha. Her chin had a chunk missing and I was afraid there was gravel in it, plus I didnt know if she needed stitches so I didnt want to just slap on bandaid on it and say lets go! Luckily there was a hospital a block away. Unluckily, they wouldnt help us. Apparently all hospitals in Kushiro except one are halfday on Saturday and the one open was on the other side of town. Thankfully a member who lived close by drove us there and we got her taken care of (after waiting an hour in the waiting room of course). No stitches, no gravel, just a giant scrape. So she has had a giant piece of guaze and tape on her face for the past 2 days. Everyone (literally) at church was like Ohhhh no youre pretty face!! She handled the whole situation really well and now we laugh about it.

We have seen so many miracles lately. Heavenly Father has definitely been guiding us as we do His work. The whole week was good but Friday in particular was incredible. We found this college student a month ago housing and we were able to meet with him again. Twice actually AND he came to church! And we have another appointment tomorrow. He doesnt believe in God but he thinks it would nice if he existed. The last time we met him he prayed for the first time ever with us. It was a very simple prayer but we were so so so happy. I had to try really hard not to smile because it wouldve been creepy haha. It was had been raining all day and we were soaked but that may have been one of the happiest moments yet. He is nice guy and has interest in the church. As excited as we are about his progress, we are going to pass him to the elders. It would be better for them to teach him. We have a few other investigators now as well and things are slowly starting to pick up. As my faith to find has grown stronger, Ive been able to see the Lords hand in our daily activities much more. I love Kushiro. Im not sure what it is but there is something special here. I love the members, our investigators, the strangers we meet. It is already pretty cold (tights over thermals and double thermal tops some days) and its going to just keep getting colder but I really want to stay. Transfer calls come tonight or tomorrow so that will determine it but Im hoping I stay! It will be my 6th transfer...What?!? I still feel like I just got here, and yet that I have been here forever. Mission is the weirdest time warp. I love it though and am so happy! I am learning lots and still have lots of room to grow but I learned a lot this transfer. I know Heavenly Father loves me and that He always will :)

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers; they are all felt!


Sugihara Shimai

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