Monday, February 24, 2014

Okay, NOW it's cold 11/10/2013


Happy P-day! Hope all is well in the big bad world. Crazy about the typhoon in the Philippines; had no idea until you said something Mom. Thanks for the news.
Well this week was FREEZING. Its been getting colder and colder but this week took a drastic turn. Baker s and I thought we were not going to make it. Im being dramatic and part of the reason was because we were stupid and didnt wear enough layers but Kushiro is deceiving. The afternoon is okay but once it hurts 3 or when the sun goes down at 4, its bad. And since we still dont have enough lessons to fill up the entire day, we are outside for most of the day. Thank goodness vending machines sell hot chocolate. Best 100 yen I have ever spent. My much too expensive omni heat thermals were well worth the money. On cold days I wear long underwear, those thermals, and then super thick sweater tights over those. Its not even December yet. Baker s and I are getting slightly nervous for just how bad its going to get but we decided we will cross that bridge when we get to it. But in the meantime, we are looking for down skirts.  

Reached a new level of tiredness this week. 3 mornings in a row we fell asleep during morning prayers. Thats not that unusual but I have never fallen asleep while praying out loud haha. Both Baker s and I fell asleep while we were praying out loud on our days. Both times the other fell asleep too haha. Baker s woke me up with a nice pat on the shoulder whereas I woke her up with a `What?`. We laughed about it quite a bit (after apologizing to Heavenly Father).  

We have progressing investigators!! Its exciting to just have investigators but its really exciting when they progress. This week we had a lesson with our one of our favorite less active shimai, K shimai, and her neighbor/referral and a member who knows sign language. Oh my goodness it was so much fun. And really really good. The shimai who came with us is our dendo shunins wife and is pretty good at shuwa. She was such an incredible help. After the lesson, K shimai brought out a ton of food. She is seriously the nicest cutest shimai I have ever met. Funny story- Baker s showed us her food baby but K s was in the other room and of course couldnt hear us laughing. We wanted to surprise her so we told Baker s to do her food baby and called K s over. Ohhh the look on her face was priceless. She came over and slapped her belly to see if it was real. Then she signed `missionaries` `boys` `bad` and `prank` hahaha. It was absolutely hysterical. Her face is so expressive; I love it. We have an appt with her, the member, and her neighbor again today. Miracle- they all had the same day off!
We have 2 other really great investigators and Im excited how they are moving forward. The Lord has really blessed us these past few weeks. The members have given referrals and we have gotten more investigators.  

Kushiro Shibu is truly incredible. We visited the wife of our branch president who just passed away. Her faith is truly incredible and we were able to have a really good talk with her. Baker s bore a strong testimony and really invited the Spirit in. Strengthened my own testimony that you really do need 2 to teach and dendo. One testimony is never enough. 3 is the best though with a member. Learned that as well in another lesson we had this week. So much more I would love to share but outta time!  

The work is moving forward! Have the courage to keep moving the work forward as well!


Sugihara Shimai

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