Monday, February 24, 2014

Missionary Moments 11/18/2013

You know you`re a missionary when you call a blind date a referral.  

The time has come. I have reached that point. I cant help it, I think like a missionary!

This week I had so much stuff in my inbox that its going to be a short email today. Which is a bummer because we saw so many miracles this week.  

While housing one day, we accidentally housed a lady who comes to english class and she invited us in and we had an incredible talk. Not exactly a lesson but we provided a listening ear for what she needed to talk about and it was a really good experience. Not sure if she necessarily wants to learn more about the gospel but her heart was softened. Definitely felt the benefit of being a shimai because lets be honest, girls need girls.  

A cute ooold man we found housing who came to church last week came again this week! We werent expecting to see him but he said he wanted to come back and really liked the feeling here. He is one of the sweetest old men ever and likes being around us `young people`. He kept patting the choros on the back haha.  

We taught one of our investigators the plan of salvation and it went really well. The member friend was there and that was really good. She doesnt quite believe it all yet but she has the desire to know whether or not its really true. We talked about baptism and told her that was the goal and she said okay so that is a good sign!  

We had plans to teach another investigator at the non active K s` house but she couldn't make it. So we ended up teaching her the plan of salvation, which was really good because she had forgotten most of it. Baker s and I can now almost teach the whole thing in shuwa [sign language]:) Its definitely a very simple version but its pretty cool. I also learned the entire alphabet this week. 52 is a little more than 26 but it actually wasn't that bad.  

Its cold but not unbearable. With handwarmers and triple thermals, we are fine :) No snow yet so no boots so the tootsies get a little cold but daijoubu! Baker s is such a great companion. I swear I just keep getting more and more awkward but I told her that if she were a man, we would be compatible. Luckily she took it as a compliment hahaha. We have so many funny moments we cant keep track of them. She loves movies but since we lose focus quoting movies, we quote general conference and ourselves. Somehow we stay really entertained :)  

Tis a grand dendo life. Its been a little hard dealing with not being able to be a part of Sho and Rie-san's wedding but Heavenly Father let me know through a dream that this is the right thing. I'm happy for them both. And I expect pictures asap :)  

The work is moving forward. This week I really felt like my role is to reactivate those members who have left the path. There are so many here and I feel like that is my current purpose. Im working hard and loving the work. The members are incredible and so so faithful. We heart attacked 3 this week and it was SO MUCH fun!!  

Thank you for all of the love and support. Its definitely felt :) Love you all!

Sugihara Shimai

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