Sunday, November 3, 2013

Of Typhoons and Ripped Skirts 10/20/2013


Hope all is well in the land of America. We talked to a gaijin [foreigner]this week and heard some crazy news, so hope all is well.
This week was packed but don't have very much time so I will do my best to get it all in :)
We had zone conference in Obihiro this week! We jumped on the train at 6 in the morning in order to get there in time. It was really good, learned a lot, and it was so good to see other missionaries. 4 out of 5 of my companions were there so it was good to see all of the shimai especially. Wednesday we had the awesome experience of dendo-ing [tracting] in a typhoon. We knew there was a typhoon coming but weren't really sure what to do since its not like we could sit in the apartment all we went out. Before we went out, I asked Baker s if she thought it was cold enough for two pairs of tights. She said yes and so I put on two. Then we went outside. We got about two blocks before we realized that we were not dressed warm enough and there was no way we were going to last all day like that. So we went back, put on warmer clothes, and then went back out in the rain and wind. We got about 5 blocks out and then Baker Shimai got a flat tire. We walked to bike to the closest bike shop (they were closed) so we walked all the way back to the apartment, dropped it off, and then went back out to dendo. By this time, the rain was starting to freeze and we were being pelted with slush. We started housing and needless to say, nobody opened their door haha. We got to this one house and the guy looked at us as if we were crazy. He yelled at us that there was a typhoon coming so hurry up and go home! The wind really did start picking up and by this time, we were soaked. We got a call from our district leader to go home so we happily went home and got out of the freeeeeezing cold.

Almost out of time but one more experience. The other day we were crossing the bridge when I heard Baker Shimai make a noise. I turned around and just then saw her go down. I turned around and when I got to her, saw that her skirt had gotten caught in bike! But it wasn't just caught, the skirt was wrapped around the back spoke about 10 times (it was a long chiffon-y skirt). There was no way we were going to be able to get it out so she took it off. Luckily she had a slip on and two pairs of tights was awkward. We had two high school girls stop and help us yank it out. Except that it wouldn't come undone. Soon, two high school boys stopped. There we were, 2 gaijin, still in helmets and Baker s in a slip in the middle of the bridge, with 4 high school kids helping us get the skirt out the bike. The whole thing was really comical. We (they) finally got it out. Baker s put it back on but it was shredded, there was no way she could dendo in it (it was funny, the high school girls were like おしゃれ!おしゃれ![what a beautiful skirt] Since the mall was closer, we went and quickly bought her a new skirt. Luckily she wasn't hurt but we seriously couldn't stop laughing about that all day.

Our teaching pool is growing! As our faith to find gets stronger, we find more people. I'm out of time but dendo life is going well! I love Kushiro and wish you could all see how fun mission life is! Love you all!


Sugihara Shimai



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