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Merry Christmas!!! 12/22/2013

Christmas is almost here!! Hope everyone is in the holiday spirit :)

Life here is super busy. Being STL [Sister Training Leader]really doesn't have a ton to it, but it is tiring. Plus there is quite a bit of pressure to be a good example, hundred percent obedient, etc. Its a work in progress. We plan exchanges (somehow all 40 shimai are supposed to go on exchanges at least once during a transfer), and we participate in workshops at zone taikai, etc. This week we also attended the mission leader kaigi, which is the APs, zone leaders, district leaders and Kaicho [President] and Evans Shimai. It was slightly intimidating. But it was really interesting to see how the mission works behind the scenes. Speaking about others, leaders are truly chosen by inspiration. There are so many incredible missionaries here. and Kaicho really does lead and guide us according to the Spirit. With exchanges, we only have 4 days to work in our area, one of those being p day. But we have a small group of investigators and we really want to help them progress this transfer. Kaicho basically told my companion that she probably wont be STL next transfer so I have to learn the area pretty quick. My companion is Japanese and we actually lived together for 3 transfers in Obihiro, so I know her pretty well. She is very different than me (much quieter, shy, timid, etc) but we work well together and have fun.

We are Odori shimai, which means we can dendo anywhere in Sapporo and we don't have a home ward, but we focus in Moiwa since there aren't shimai there. There are also 2 other Odori shimai in our apartment and they also have their focus areas. The Moiwa church is the oldest church in Hokkaido and it just got re-done so its all snazzy now! Dad, Sakurai shimai is in that ward. When she saw me at church, she gave me a big hug and told me she was happy I was in their ward. It made me quite happy :)

Ojiisan [Grandpa Sugihara] sent me 3 huuuuge boxes of mikans [citrus]. Our apartment is trying to down them but we are also giving some away haha. I'm grateful for his generosity but 3 boxes?! demo ureshii :) Moiwa bishop is Canadian so another gaijin [foreigner] bishop. He is funny though and his Japanese is good.

We have a missionary Christmas party tomorrow but the 25th is a regular dendo day. Our schedule is changing a little bit next week because of new years (p day is going to be on wednesday) but other than that, life goes on!

Adjusting has been hard. Going from being loved in a small branch to being nobody and not having a home ward, to knowing an area and being sempai [senior companion] to knowing nothing about the area and being kohai [junior companion], I feel like a bean. and I really don't like it. But its a humbling experience and I'm trying to stay positive and learn from it. I wish I could say my Japanese is boss but as you'll here on Wednesday, its not haha.

If I think of anything else, I will tell you on Wednesday! I'm excited to talk on the phone! A little sad that I wont get to talk to Sho or Ryo but shoganai!

Love you all! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


Sugihara Shimai

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