Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Week of the Transfer 12/8/2013

It snowed this week!! And we still rode our bikes haha. It only snowed maybe a cm but there were ice patches. We rode very slowly and walked hills. But it wasn't bad. I really don't want to walk and I have yet to figure out the bus system so I'm going to ride my bike as long as I can ha. With sweaters, thermals, down coats, gloves, scarves, neck warmers, beanies, boots and wool socks, we are just fine still :)  

We had suuuuuch a good week! We made a baptismal date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is a member referral and is progressing so well. We are onto teaching commandments and our upcoming lesson is WoW and LoC (the big ones) but I feel good about it. She came to church the first time on Sunday and it went really well. The lessons in RS and gensoku [Gospel Principles] class were perfect for her. Plus she starting reading the chapters on WoW and LoC in the gensoku book during sacrament meeting. Her date is set for January and she still needs to come to church a few more times but we are really excited about her. Theres no way we couldve done it without the member though. She is what makes the lessons. If I have learned anything from Kushiro, its that you cant have a lesson without a member. It just wont be as good.

We also invited another investigator to be baptized. It was a hesistant yes and we werent able to make a date but she understands our purpose and why we keep coming (we told her before so it was more of a reminder). She doesnt feel like her prayers have been answered yet and doesnt feel like she has felt the spirit yet so its a work in progress. We found 2 more people this week who are interested in learning more. One is a high school boy so we passed him to the choros. Another is a cute young mom. We have a return appointment for wednesday!

K shimai is genki and is "progressing". She prayed out loud for us and signed slow enough to make sure we understood. She has read the BoM every day this week and we have a date to go curling again this week with her shuwa [sign language] buddies. Yeahhhhh! 

We hearted attacked one of our favorite ladies from ECC and left her a secret santa present. She totally knew who it was though and called us. She was super emotional and told us how much she appreciated it and how much it made her happy. It never ceases to amaze how happy I get when I do something nice for someone. It was something so little but it made her so happy! If everyone were nice and thought about making other people, then they would be happy and the whole world would be a happy place. Seriously though.

Cant believe how fast time is flying by. This year is almost over. I just got here though!! Im still not the awesome missionary I feel like I should be by now but I know Ive grown a lot. Im happier, a microscopic tiny bit more patient, think more about others, and am slowly truly forgetting myself. Ive got a loooooong ways to go but Im so grateful for this time. Everyone should go on a mission so they can experience this!  

Transfers are this week and if I leave, a part of my heart is staying here. This is my dendo home. I love the people the city everything about it. My heart is here.

Please keep praying for our investigators!! They need your prayers and help. Thank you for all you do. Love this Christmas season and show love to all those around you! 愛してるよ!


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