Monday, February 24, 2014

New Years 1/1/2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season :)  

Dendo Christmas: xmas eve all the missionaries in Sapporo got together and had a party with the Evans. Games, gift exchange, nativity, caroling. Really fun! I wore the christmas sweater that I made and got lots of comments ha :) We opened all of our presents and it was fuuuuuunnnnn!

Christmas: we had district meeting and it was a regular dendo day. [December 25 is not a national holiday in Japan.]

New Years we read the BoM all day while fasting. Dendo wasn't going to be very effective so apparently that's what the mission does every year. Then we had a huge meal (leftovers, food from members, more food from members, mikans.) And today is P-day. We have 4 gochis (meals with members) in the next 3 days. Oh my. Bring on the pounds! The members here are so nice. Our investigators aren't progressing. And we are having a hard time meeting with them but tis the season. 

We had the messiah concert and it was incredible. 3 investigators were able to come and one NA. yay! Plus I got to see people from Atsubetsu and old investigators, etc.  

We had kokans [mission splits] in Suehiro and Asahikawa and Eniwa. Bus rides, working with new shimai, and otagai ni [working together] learning. I'm learning to like kokans a lot more than I used to. I kind of have to haha. 

Thank you so much to the Harpers for the christmas box!! 
Love you all!!!!!! 
Sugihara Shimai

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