Monday, February 24, 2014

Accidents, Transfers and Kokans 1/26/2014

Hello everyone! 

Hope all is well in the land of America. We had a crazy crazy week.  

First, we got in a car accident. Don't worry, we are totally fine. Here is the story: The senior couple's drivers license expired and so the shimai asked Furue s if she could drive her to an appointment with a member in another area. After practicing driving in the snow (she is from Kagoshima), she said yes. So off we went. On the way home, we hit an icy patch and then hit the snow bank. The car wasn't damaged very bad but it just enough that we had to call a tow truck. Poor Furue s was in shock and wasn't handling things well and the senior shimai didn't speak any Japanese. Soooo I got to do all of the calling. Imagine me holding two cell phones, calling the insurance company, tow truck company, our appointment that we wouldn't make it to, the hombu, the commissarian, and translating for the police knocking at our window. I was blessed with the gift of tongues as I handled everything for the next two hours. Furue s was still kind of in shock so we took it easy the rest of the day. Evans s told us to go to the onsen [public bath] so we heeded her advice and went. The whole accident though was truly a miracle. No other cars were involved, no injuries, and although it was the day of new missionary orientation, no new missionaries came so the hombu elders had time to help us. I'm so grateful things worked out the way they did. And needless to say, there wont be any more driving.  

Waiting for the tow truck...
Second, transfers. We actually got to know transfers 3 days early since we planned exchanges hehe :) Furue s and I both stayed and we are still the STLs [Sister Trailing Leaders]. Planning kokans [missionary splits]was crazy. Imagine juggling 40 shimai and their dendo schedules and bus/train times. Holy moly. One of the more challenging things and stressful things I've ever done but we made it out alive. Transfer spot was at a church this time (normally at the eki) and we had music practice for 4 hours. We are having 2 concerts this transfer, just like the cd you got for christmas. Looooooooots of music practice.  

Third, dendo is slow. We have hardly any investigators and the ones we do have aren't progressing. So its a work in progress. But we are meeting with a member referral tonight so I'm excited for that. We are going to Kitami this week (4 hours away by bus) for kokans [missionary splits] and I get to see one of my beans, Gibbs s! Yay!  

I love this gospel and I love the work. Church is true! Thank you for your love and support. Please please please pray for our investigators! 

Love you all!

Sugihara Shimai

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