Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow and Miracles 1/19/2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Konnichiwa! How are all of you all doing? Genki? Hope so! How about a good email? These past few weeks have been a little crazy but here is a little update on dendo life in Sapporo.  

Weather: cotton balls of snow fall almost daily. Sidewalks are slippery. My nose is always runny (its classyyyy). My down coat is heaven sent. There are icicles bigger than me. We went to Ebetsu for kokans and there was about 12 feet piled up on the side of the road. I have never seen so much snow in my life. I love it when my hair freezes. Sometimes my face feels like it is going to fall off but my body is usually warm. 

Dendo: We had suuuuuuuuuch a good week! So Furue s and I made the goal to find 10 new investigators this transfer and by week 4, we only had found 1. So we really buckled down, worked hard, and prayed a lot harder. And the windows of heaven opened up. We found 4 investigators and received 2 member referrals and have quite a few potential investigators. It has been such a faith builder to see the blessings pour in. To be honest, it was a little hard to hear about dendo in Thailand [her brother is a missionary there] but after a lot of pondering and praying, I've just had to accept that the work is different in different parts of the world and that numbers don't reflect everything we are trying and doing. So Elder Sugihara, keep telling me all about your miracles and baptisms; I'm happy for you :)

We met this incredible lady on the street the other day, taught her a lesson the next day, and then she came to the relief society activity the day after. We were/are super super excited but she didn't come to church like she said she would sooo we need to get in contact with her again and meet her again. We also met this really cute mom who was willing to listen but her husband doesn't like religion so I'm not sure if we will be able to meet with her again. I really hate it when that happens.

At the relief society activity the other day, we had an investigator, a lady from eikaiwa [English class], and a member's friend. We did a church tour with the three plus members. It was incredible! Since the church was nice and new, plus now has a lot of artwork, it was really good. It was the first time Ive done a church tour like that.  I want to do them more often :)  

The members are incredible. All so nice and friendly. We are Odori shimai so we can go to any ward in Sapporo, dendo anywhere in Sapporo but we focus on Moiwa. So basically we are Moiwa shimai. Most people remember Imoto shimai [her brother Sho's new wife] so its fun to have that little connection. Last week there was the shinnenkai [New Years Party] and omochitsuki [rice pounding party]! I have mikan mocha [pounded rice balls with citrus] for the first time in my life. They just threw in a few mochi  and pounded it. So yummy! Maybe I had 3 bowls of ozoni [veggie soup with a sticky, delicious, glutinous pounded rice ball at the bottom of the bowl] buuuuut oh well :)

Furue s and I get along. Our personalities are really different and there were a few days we were both a little stressed but I have come to appreciate our differences. Our apartment is fun and we all get along.  

I've learned a lot this transfer about differences. As STL [Sister Training Leader], we get to work with the shimai on kokans [missionary splits] and everyone is so different. Just like our investigators, their needs are different as well. I'm learning that I need to keep that in mind a little more.

anyways no more time! I'm happy and well. I love this gospel and I love this work more than I could have ever imagined. Love you alllllllll!!!!!


Sugihara Shimai

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