Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reeeaaaalllly No Time Today 7/22/2013

Shimai [sisters] getting ready for Zone Conference
Dear family and friends,

Hello! How is everyone? Thank you for your letters! I've loved getting them :) We went bowling today and I can honestly say I've gotten worse. Which I didn't think was possible but it is. But we had so much fun as a district that it's worth giving up email time. So, sorry for the short email!


This week we had zone conference and shimai [sister] exchanges. Can I just say how much I love zone conference? And the other shimai? And the Sapporo Mission? Because truly, I do. I got to work with two other bean-chans [new missionaries]during the two day exchanges and that was great. Not sure if they learned anything from me haha but I learned from them. I admire all of the gaijin [foreign] missionaries' hard work at learning the language. Nanjo Shimai, my first companion, also came and it was so good to see her and *spend time* with her. Zone conference was incredible; my dendo [missionary] fire shot up a few notches and I felt new motivation to work harder. We do something called a bean shower where everyone buys stuff (candy, pens, anything) for the new beans [missionaries] and we present them with it after they introduce themselves. I loved seeing their faces and their exclamations of *Its just like Christmas!* Which is exactly what I said as well not so long ago haha. 

Bean Shower
Someone came home from their mission in the Obihiro ward and he gave his homecoming talk on Sunday. He served in Brazil and man his Japanese was really rusty haha. But it gave me hope that someday that will be me with English and Japanese. We also had an activity, nagashi somen and that was hilarious. Its hard to explain but basically you drop in noodles in running water in a track thing and you have to fish the noodles out with your chopsticks. It was super fun! [They run cold water down a trough, usually a gutter, then they drop skinny long noodles in the trough, too. Everyone has fun trying to grab the noodles with their chopsticks as they slide by.]

Grab those noodles!

With zone conference, we didn't have as much time to dendo [proselyte], but this week was really great. We definitely felt Heavenly Father's hand guiding us. We had an investigator progress this week and that made us incredibly happy! Gibbs S and I are starting to work better together. Japanese only days are still hard and a lot of patience is required from both sides but its worth to see her improve and grow. For the record, she is much more patient with me than I am with her, so for that I am extremely grateful. One of our transfer goals is to be 100% obedient and we both feel the blessings that are coming from that. So much of missionary work/life is obedience, but there is a definite reason for that. 

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! I had a bunch of great scriptures that I read this week during study but that will just have to wait until next week. Love you all! Have a great week! 

Love love love,

Sugihara Shimai


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