Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another Week in the Life 7/14/2013

Softball w/church members

Dear Family and Friends, 
Konnichiwa! How's America? Hope everyone is having a great summer. Life is here just keeps moving along. This week was full of lots of personal growth. And a greater awareness of my personal weaknesses. I'm realizing more and more that I am impatient, don't have any compassion in me, and lack charity. And have no sense of direction whatsoever (thanks Mom!) [thank your Grandma-!]. But it's okay, but I'm learning and trying to be better, and my companion is very patient with me. There was a lot of patience necessary on both sides this week since I started speaking Japanese a lot more. We have English days and Japanese days so the Japanese days require a little bit more from both of us. But we get along well and I am truly enjoying watching her grow in the gospel and in Japanese. I feel like a proud parent! (Don't worry, I'm very aware that Heavenly Father is the main teacher, not me)
This week we didn't have very many planned lessons but the Lord blessed us and we were able to meet with a few of our investigators and teach them. One of them was truly a miracle. When we stopped by her house, we met her in the parking lot as she was coming home from errands and we talked to her for an hour until her son came home and she got busy again. Sadly, one of our investigators' baptismal date was this week and there was no baptism. She's a single mother who works on Sundays so coming to church is difficult for her. But I'm still hopeful! We also met with quite a few non-actives this week and that was fun. Finding their houses is sometimes a challenge haha but we managed. I love meeting with them and talking with them. 
We also had a BBQ at a members house yesterday and that was really fun. It was the missionaries and the Single Adults. I ate a ton of meat for the first time in a while (my companion doesn't really do meat) and must admit, kind of enjoyed it! This week is full of fun activities. For P-day today, we played softball as a ward. Tomorrow night 4 shimai are coming for exchanges. Our apartment is going to be crowded but its going to be so much fun. My first trainer/my mama is coming! Then we have zone conference and then we have another ward activity on Saturday that we're inviting investigators too. Busy busy busy! But I love it! It's hot, I'm more tired than I've ever been, and I've got crazy tan lines but I'm healthy and the happiest I've ever been. Heavenly Father blesses us daily and I'm so grateful for all that He does for us. I love being a missionary and teaching others about Jesus Christ and true happiness. Thank you all for your love and support!!!!
Sugihara Shimai 
PS>>>>Happy Birthday Aubrey Flintoff!
PPS>>>Carly Stone: I want your address!

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