Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now It's Really Begun! 7/7/2013

Trainer Sugihara Shimai with Gibbs Shimai


How is everybody? Having a fun summer? Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! (...Didn't even realize it was the 4th until writing in my journal and someone said, hey! its the 4th of July! haha).  Thank you SO much for the Christmas in July package! Ironically, my companion and I had been talking about that earlier that day. We had a lot of fun opening it up and reading all the notes. It was very appreciated and am very grateful for all the work that went into it!!  

Everything here is great. Its officially summer, which means hot. Today its 33 C. Its not too bad but being in the sun all afternoon does take a toll. I don't know how missionaries do it in super hot countries. Jonathan, good luck in Thailand). 

This week we saw many miracles but was exhausting. For the first time, I bear 99% of the language responsibility. Before, it was about 15%. Plus everything else that comes with teaching a new missionary. I'm having a hard time balancing niceness/strictness. I'm realizing by nature, I lean on the stricter side. Thank you お父さん [Dad] :) But we are learning together. I appreciate my trainers even more now and am grateful for everything they taught me. There's also another shimai in the apartment who is training for the second time so she has helped me quite a bit. And I'm learning to depend much more on Heavenly Father for where to go and when. However, I still somehow got lost about 3 times this week haha (In my defense, one time was the map's fault). Gibbs Shimai is patient with me though and is a good sport while I drag her all over Obihiro. The balance between using English and Japanese has been hard too. Her language ability is understandably very young (I mean, shes been here a week and a half!) and I'm not sure how much of an 'immersion' I should do. But the bigger problem is me. I'm not patient enough to wait for her to get through the Japanese. It's so much easier to just flip to English. So I'm working on that. Any advice? 


The work is moving forward in Obihiro. We had two progressing investigators this week and that made me so happy! We were able to do two really good lessons and both are on their way to baptism. I'm hopeful that they will be this transfer :) We also went housing a looot this week. We found a really nice old man who let us come back and teach a lesson! And we found a few more potentials. I was happy that Gibbs S could finally see that not everyone says no to us even if it may have felt like that the first few days.  

I've been reading The Book of Mormon a lot more lately and found a few scriptures I really like. I wanted to share one of them. 2 Nephi 33:6. While I was reading it, I just felt impressed with the simplicity of it. My love for missionary work grows daily as well as my love for the people and this gospel. Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. They are strongly felt!! Love you all!


Sugihara Shimai


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