Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yesterday a Bean, Today a Trainer 6/30/13

To my favorite family and friends,

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? Life is great here in Obihiro. We had transfers and I stayed as a trainer. Yep, I'm now a trainer! I have to admit, when I got the call, my hands were shaking and my stomach a nervous knot but I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a trainer. I learned so much from my trainers and am so grateful for them so this is an opportunity to give back by teaching another missionary what I learned. Another shimai [sister missionary] in the apartment also became a trainer so we have 2.5 Americans and 1.5 Nihonjin. That means a lot of English in the apartment haha. We went and picked them up from the honbu [Mission Home] on Wednesday. They were all tired from jet lag, a little in a daze, but all ready to dendo [do mission work]. During the introduction ceremony, me and another shimai trainer joked about how it felt like just a few weeks ago we met our trainers because, oh wait, it really was a few weeks ago haha. It was funny because Nanjo shimai, my first trainer, didn't know and when she saw me in the room she was shocked haha. 8 shimai came and 3 elders.

Anyways, my companion is from Farmington, Utah. She's incredibly nice and has a great desire to learn and serve. We are the same age, we both used to dance, and both like to laugh. It hasn't been a week yet but things so far are good. As her trainer, I feel a lot more responsibility to be a better missionary, example, and to work harder. I'm still a little stressed at being in charge of everything but I'm learning to rely on Heavenly Father a lot more and learning to trust the Spirit and my instincts. I've always been bad with directions but I'm learning to overcome that. I kind of have to haha.

Dendo [mission work] here is going well. We had an ice cream night a few weeks ago and a lot of people came to that! We had investigators, potential investigators, people from eikaiwa [English class], non actives and members. Yabutani shimai and I planned it and I'm really happy with how it went. We  had a little table with Book of Mormons and pamphlets and some of those got passed around as well. Our investigator pool is large but not progressing so we are working on that. 

I love missionary work and I love being here. Obihiro is a special place. Our mission is changing fast; a new zone was created and new areas are being opened. Next transfer 18 or 19 missionaries are coming. The Lord is truly hastening His work. If you get the Japanese Liahona, you should check out their local page. SO many Nihonjin missionaries; it's incredible! 

I love the gospel and I love teaching it to people. I know what we teach is true and that through the gospel we can experience true happiness. 

Love you all! thank you for your love, support, and prayers. I feel your prayers and have never felt more loved. Thank you!!


Sugihara Shimai

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