Monday, September 29, 2014

Last Letter 9/27/2014

Dear all,  

This week Law Shimai got sick and we spent 2 days inside. Either I'm just tired or I suddenly became the patient person I have been wanting to become for the past year and a half, because I was really worried about her and not so much about dendo [tracting]. She is still sick but doing better. I'm drinking orange juice every day, taking OnGuard, and eating grapefruit to make sure I don't get sick. Plus I made her wear a mask.  

We had a mission goal to get a certain number of nonmembers/investigators at church yesterday. We had 19 people and 5 NAs come. And then more came to the shokujikai [potluck lunch] after church. I gave a talk and it was really really good. There is just too many feelings to describe, so I'm not even going to try. I said good-bye, gave a talk, gave hugs, took pictures, and somehow didn't cry. It was really good.  

I had an interview with Kaicho [President] this week. He was visiting Suehiro for some stuff and I asked to talk to him. We talked about a lot but one thing I want to share is about timing. He said he wished that I could stay and work longer (as do I) but he talked about timing, God's timing. He said its my time to go home. And as sad as it is, I know. This area doesn't need me anymore, its ready for the next missionary. And its time for me to move on to other things. Its the biggest mix of excitement and heartbroken. I love these people. I love this gospel.  

I have loved being a missionary. And will continue to love it for the next week.  

It was an incredible and life-changing year and a half.  

Thank you always for your love and support. So grateful.  


Sugihara Shimai


  1. Hi sister! I just got called to Sapporo! And I have a coat question! Should I buy my coat here (aka Utah) or should I wait till I get to Hokkaido? Cause I'm going to be in the MTC in July so I don't think I'll need it there or when I get to Sapporo! And I didn't know if it is better to just buy it in Sapporo.. idk! Could you also give me any tips about this mission?! Thank you

    1. Congrats on getting called to the best mission ever :) I personally bought my coat at home and then packed it around with me until I needed it for winter. It's totally up to you. There are good coats in both places. Just be willing to spend a little more on a nice, down coat.

      Feel free to ask any other questions!