Sunday, July 20, 2014

Suehiro! 6/9/2014

Hello all! 

How's the summer so far? Getting hot yet? Because, guess what, it's hot here. Oh yeah, my new area is one of the hottest places in Hokkaido. Yay! But I cant say I don't deserve it, I managed to get by winter pretty easy sooo, summer here I go. 

I'm now in Suehiro!! This area is really young and was opened 6 months ago for sisters. The sister who opened this area and was here for 7 months became the new STL [Sister Training leader] and went to Odori. So we switched places, which is what I expected would happen so I wasn't surprised with my transfer call. I actually wanted to come here so I was happy. PLUS the apartment is tied with Kushiro for the nicest shimai apartment, so I'm 100 percent okay with that :D  Its so clean!! The ward is mostly old people but they are all so nice. The fruits basket is crazy. はんぱない!We got so much food on Sunday and apparently its like that every week so I'm going to have to be careful to not gain weight haha. We don't have a lot of investigators so back to a lot of housing and finding all day. There is no one on the streets here so I'm going to have to get used to inaka [in the country] again. I loved the city but inaka is a little slower paced which I'm grateful for. I am so tired haha. I loved being STL and being in the city but I'm grateful for change. My new companions name is Miller Shimai and she is from California. She is on her 7th transfer and loves fruits and vegetables. So far so good :D 

Miller Shimai and Sugihara Shimai

This past week was crazy. Transfer week always is plus we had to get ready for Shimai Taikai [Sister Conference]. But it was also really emotional. I didn't realized how much I liked Moiwa and Odori. Saying good-bye to Sada Shimai was probably the saddest part. When I told her I was transferring she teared up. But when I told her I was leaving in two days she put her face in her hands and started bawling. I kept it together while we were together but after we left her house, I cried on Kuroki Shimai's shoulder. And then we had to go to Eikaiwa [English class] where another member was crying about missionaries leaving for transfers. Man, the tears! So President and Sister Evans are leaving at the end of this month. They are finishing their mission in 3 weeks and at Shimai Taikai [Sister Conference] Evans Shimai also cried when we all sang. Cue more tears. Transfers usually aren't this bad but this one was different. It had the definite feel of something ending. New area, companion, ward, mission president/wife, etc. I've decided I just need to look at it that I'm starting a new part of my mission and that this chapter is holding lots of miracles and challenges just like the others. I'm excited though and am ready to stay strong through the summer heat and these last couple of months. Staying strong to the finish!!

Signing a huge card for Pres and Sis Evans

I love this gospel so much. I learn so much everyday from the people I serve with everyday. the members, companions, strangers, missionaries. I love it all. Its been the best year and I'm so excited for the next few months. I know God is real and that He always listens to our prayers. He will always answer no matter what, just maybe not in the way we expect. But His way is always better. Thank you for all your love and support! I'm so grateful for all of you! 

What I think I look like.

What I really look like.

Sugihara Shimai

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