Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hello Hot Summer 6/2/2014

Dear all,

Genki? Yokkata. [Doing well? good.]

It's hot. No tights for the first time in 9 months. Not sure what to do with myself. Short sleeves? What? Lame. I have to bring those out of my suitcase just to pack them up again in two days. I get my transfer call tomorrow. NO idea where I'm going but I'm a little excited to not be STL [Sister Training Leader] anymore. It was great and I loved it, learned lots, but I'm a little tired. I'm fine to go back to being a regular missionary.

Met Elder Christofferson and got to shake his hand twice!! His workshop was incredible and we had a q&a session that was really good. What he talked about (spiritual re-birth and physical birth) finally cleared up my confusion about women and the priesthood. I finally understand and am so grateful for it! (Someday I will send notes and explain). It was really spiritual and fun to have the whole mission there. (Actually having everyone there was stressful and I'm glad it's over but it was really spiritual).

We hiked Mt. Moiwa today. Mom, don't fall off your chair but I really like hiking. Maybe it's because I'm a missionary and never do that kind of stuff but I had so much fun today! We played games at the top then took the ropeway down. Sweat, bugs, pictures, laughter, elders, lots of green, fun. Good timessssss. I wanna go hiking every day.

Lots of miracles. Too many; we have so blessed every day. I got to work with my bean the other day and it was so good to see how much she has grown. Made another baptismal date! This investigator works a lot and is kind of hard to meet but she is really great and has so much potential. We are really excited for her! Sada-s is doing well and I'm not looking forward to saying good-bye to her but I know it's my time to leave Moiwa. I know the Lord needs me elsewhere.

Mailbox is looking a little empty lately...I know everyone is off getting married and having babies but don't forget about me! Just kidding. But not really. I still like letters :)

Thank you all so much and love you all!!!!


Sugihara Shimai

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