Sunday, June 29, 2014

What a WEEK! 4/27/2014

Dear all, 

So much happened this first. But first off, big news. ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON IS COMING TO THE MISSION AND DOING A FIRESIDE JUST FOR THE MISSIONARIES!!!Okay just had to get that out of my system. I am so so, so excited. And since I am in Sapporo, I am for sure going to go. It hasn't been decided if the whole mission is going to be able to go so I'm really glad I am here :D 

Elder Aoyagi of the North Asia area seventy came this week with his wife and we had a big zone conference. It was incredible. I learned so much, realized yet again how weak I am and how much I need to improve, and I walked away with my dendo fire blazing. Aoyagi Choro talked about how there are people in our area prepared to hear the gospel, we just need to find them. We need to talk to as many people as possible in order to find them. Sapporo is a big city with lots of  people, which means I need to work twice as hard to find those specially prepared.  The RS made an incredible lunch for the missionaries and I thought my stomach was going to explode but man, it was good. I translated for Evans Shimai and Aoyagi Shimai but their workshops were really good as well.  

S-san [Mrs. S] is right on track. We practice her interview tomorrow, then the real interview is on Friday! Then Sunday is her baptism! I'm so excited! Last night we visited her with brownies, cookies, and a hymn "I am a child of God". She cried. So precious. Love her so much. 
S-san!! [Mrs. S]


It was such a good week. full of miracles and incredible stories. No time to tell all of them. Sorry! Love you all!!!!! Thank you for all of your love and support!



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