Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rain, rain, rain, SUNSHINE! 5/19/2014

Dear all, 

Hello! Hope all is well in the real world. People around mention all the bad things that are going on but I'm oblivious. Nothing too bad though right?  

There were a bunch of things I wanted to write but I kind of forgot so here goes some rambling.  

So we accidentally rang a wrong doorbell the other day when we went to visit an investigator. The guy is Chinese, 19, and here in Japan studying English. We asked if we could come back and bring a Chinese Book of Mormon. I don't think he understood what we were saying but we set a time anyway. Went back, gave it to him, gave a very simple lesson, and asked to come back. He said yes again. We've gone back twice now with Chinese speakers- he's read 200 pages and wants to be baptized! We are really excited but a little worried about what's going to happen after he's baptized...there aren't any Chinese speakers in his area/ward. Soo that's a problem we're working on right now. But besides that, he's got a baptismal date and we're ready to go forward with all of the lessons. Oh also, when we explained baptism, he asked if smoking was allowed. We said no and explained why. He thought about it for a little bit, then said "Okay, I will start trying to quit" After getting over my shock, I asked him how much he smokes. He said 6, which then I said "6 boxes?!?" He laughed and said no, only 6 cigs. Oh language barriers! But yeah, he's golden (did I mention that his family is already Christian?) 

We went on two exchanges this week. Went up to Asahikawa and worked in Sapporo. Had lots of fun and learned a lot with other shimai. Had lots of lessons with investigators, our NA [non-active] came to church again (two weeks in a row!), Sada-shimai is growing in the gospel and doing well. We are finding so many incredible people, sadly most of them are guys. So we will be passing all of them to the elders in the near future.  
Waiting for the train.

We biked reeeeally far this week. In the rain. Over mountainous hills. I hit a new level of exhaustion this week. There is so many things we have to do; I feel like I'm swimming upstream. But I love being busy. I would much rather have a lot to do then be housing all day. It's a beautiful life, this mission thing. There was another baptism in our district, yay!!! So we attended that and it went really well. Our district has seen 3 baptisms this transfer, so we are all really excited. 
Beautiful park we had a picnic at today :)

I've been studying old Ensign magazines lately. I really love reading it. Makes me sorry I didn't start reading it sooner (aka before the mission). I love reading the counsel of our prophet and other church leaders. Makes me so grateful for modern revelation and continued guidance from our Father in Heaven. Those windows definitely haven't closed and for that I am grateful. Their words are truly for this age and for us. I love it! It goes right along perfectly with the Book of Mormon :)  

Thank you all for your love and support. I'm so grateful for everything you all do for me. I love this gospel more than I ever have before and know it is true. I love being a missionary! 

Hope you all have an incredible week :)  
I asked for salt at McDonalds...they took out some salt from the big container and put it in this. I guess they don't have salt packets in Japan haha. 

Sugihara Shimai

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