Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Week Sayonara 3/31/2014

Hey lovelies!

Youth conference was a success! The youth of this stake are so strong, over half of the girls want to go  on missions. One had just gotten her call, Kobe mission! We managed to keep the whole thing a secret and they were all surprised when we jumped out of the presents. We played games and did a little workshop and did a little devotional. So much fun. Except for the morning of. We were told that we were going Thursday so all 6 missionaries (APs and other STLs) were planning on that. We got a call on Wednesday morning saying "So what time are you getting here?" me: uhhhh what? No, we are going tomorrow. The ward member: "No, we're expecting you today..."
The box we jumped out of at Youth Conference

Cue me going into panic mode. The place was a 3 hour drive away and we were all planning on driving together. We were in the middle of kokans [splits] but luckily Kuroki Shimai [my companion] was only 30 min away. I had both phones going as I called the APs to ask them/let them know that we were a day off plus the other STLs. Everyone else was oddly very calm; I was the only one panicking haha. It all worked out luckily and we made it in time and we pulled it off. But here's the thing. The reason the ward member called was because we called her mom for a team up that Wednesday and she was a little concerned that we had a lesson in Sapporo when we were expected 3 hours away that day. Yet another reason to always invite members to team up for lessons :)
At the train station.....again.

I looooooooove our investigator S-san. She came to church and we had an incredible lesson this week! She put her kamidana [shelf for the statues of Shinto gods] away even though we didnt even ask her to. Her faith is growing so much and she is progressing so much. She read the entire seiku guide [scripture guide] in the Japanese BoM. Crazy right? She is in Omni right now and chugging along. We also had another incredible lesson with another investigator and although she isn't progressing, she loves learning about the gospel and I am okay with that right now :)

Life is so great right now. We are on bikes again, say what?! AND I went running for the first time in months. Needless to say, my body is saying not yet! Aka my bum is really really sore. But I like being able to move fast. :) There is still a little snow on the ground so that makes riding an adventure but it's all fun :) The church is growing stronger, the work is moving forward and life is so fun. Heavenly Father loves me and is always helping me learn more, as well as keep me humble.
A few  unresponsive investigators....

Thank you for all of the letters! Especially Mom, your rooster saga is hilarious. I read it out loud to my roommmate, she laughed :) Love you all so much! And I'm so grateful for all of your love and support! The church is true and the only way to true happiness!
Love,                                                                                                     Sugihara Shimai

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