Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Definitely Fall Here 9/29/2013


Hope life is well in the USA. Life here is good! We had a really good week. The temperature definitely took a dip and its getting colder but its still fine. Everyone keeps telling us to brace ourselves though since although it doesn't snow too much here, the whole place freezes over and gets icy. Not to mention the ocean wind. Although, an elder did tell me that Kushiro has the 3rd most beautiful sunset in the world (not sure if I believe him but the sunsets here are beautiful.) Either way, I'm glad I brought all the warm stuff that I did because I'm going to need it haha.  

City of Kushiro
This week was district conference (the smaller version of stake conference since we aren't in a stake). So we had 4 shimai spend the night in our apartment Saturday night. Nanjo s and Gibbs s were 2 of the 4 so it was fun to be reunited with them. Nanjo s goes home next transfer so that's sad, but I was glad I got to see her again (and show her our nice apartment hehe). We had a musical fireside and of course, the missionaries performed a few songs. It was fun!  

Taking a moment for some good sushi
Dendo [missionary work] was good this week. A lot of housing, visiting old investigators, visiting members, and only a little bit of getting lost :) I'm getting better with directions! It helps that neither one of us knows the area so we are completely dependent on the map and Spirit. We met the man who came to church last week again, turns out he has quite the story. Japanese mafia for 40 years being the biggest part. That was a bunch of new words that Id never heard! Although knowing the word yakuza [mafia] was enough haha. We were also able to meet a sweet lady/referral from the choros [elders] and teach her a lesson. We also met a lot of potentials so we are excited for what's to come. We have got our work cut out for us but we are ready for it. We love Kushiro, the people, and the Lords work. Keep praying for us; we are going to need it! Thank you for all of your love and support!!

Sugihara Shimai 

ps. Thank you Jay Decker family for the letter! Definitely made my day :)


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