Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Week 10/7/2013


It's my birthday this week! I had great plans of celebrating with pumpkin cream puffs and eating out with my lovely companion but I'm getting a different kind of present. I'm going back to Atsubetsu [first area] for the day for exchanges! The 4 hr train ride both ways is going to give me plenty of time to catch up in my journal (and most likely nap...) but I'm excited to see people from there again. My companion is wonderful though and she pretended like today was my birthday. Banana choco chip pancakes and a birthday present! It was great. Plus today we were able to go sightseeing with some of the members. We were going to go bowling but our DL wasn't too thrilled about that so we involved members and were able to see some beeeeeautiful nature. It was a great P-day (we are emailing at the end of the day since we moved around our dendo time).  

Dendo [missionary work] this week was good. It was almost all finding but we found some incredible people. We are hoping to be able to meet with them again. We got some phone  numbers and were able to make a few appointments so that was extremely exciting. Our stats this week were terrible (I've never had so many zeros) but we are working hard at trying to find people. I've never been so tired haha. Last night I fell asleep while Baker Shimai was praying after planning haha. But its good, it reminds me that I'm working hard.  

On a more serious note, our branch president had a stroke 2 weeks ago and is currently in the hospital. Not sure what condition he is in at the current moment but it sounded pretty serious. We are all praying for him though and hoping he gets better soon (on a side note, he is American, and his wife is Japanese. Their 3 boys have English first names and middle names are Japanese. They are Sho, Ryo, and Kyo. Isn't that interesting?) [The Sugihara Japanese names are Sho, Ryo and Mei, in case you're wondering why this is interesting.] [Update: The Branch President passed away. He was 54 years old.]
The weather has gotten significantly cooler. We need coats, tights and scarves. Dendo is fun though and the branch is extremely kind. We have definitely met some interesting people while tracting (a man telling us he couldn't open the door because he was naked, a man coming to the door carrying his catheter bag, a man inviting us back to come eat meat and have a party right after his drunk uncle yelled at us, etc. The list goes on..) But I love it. It makes dendo interesting!

I'm definitely excited for conference and excited for what the prophet and apostles have to say to us. I love listening to conference as a missionary; its like the best movie everrr! 

Well I love being a missionary. I love The Book of Mormon and everything this church has to offer. Thank you all for your love and support! Thank you young women for the letters!!!  


Sugihara Shimai

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