Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Birthday Week Here 9/8/2013


How is everyone doing? Mina ogenki desu ka?  [Is everyone doing well?]

I have decided that Obihiro is the party area in our mission. Not in a bad/disobedient way, but because there are so many missionaries here, its just super fun! This week was Bastow Shimai's birthday and it was pretty exciting even though it was a regular dendo day. Coincidentally, a member organized a bbq for the missionaries and their investigators on that day so we had a bbq and then towards the end, we all sang to her, popped party poppers, and then all of the elders brought out presents for her. We asked an elder to make a cake for her since we couldn't make one for her without knowing but that was just the excuse we gave him haha. He is an incredible cook and he made an amazing chocolate banana cream cake. We celebrated later that night with more cake, singing, and of course taking silly pictures. It was a really fun day and I'm glad we made it special for her :)

Bastow Shimai's Birthday

We also had some lows this week. I've decided that I dont like being dumped. We had an investigator call and ask us not to come back. But not just that. She said to not come back to their building where another one of our new investigators lives. Apparently all of the husbands in that building work at the same place and they started talking about the Mormon missionaries who have been coming by lately. So since we aren't welcome by the building owners as well, we can't go back. That was a really big bummer but we know that everyone has their own timing and right now, its not their time to accept the gospel. So we pray for them and hope that they will listen again in the future. 

Something awesome happened this week too. We met with a lady who comes eikaiwa [English classes] every week and apparently, she read the entire Book of Mormon and is now reading it for the 2nd time. She stopped meeting with the missionaries a year ago but has kept reading because she likes the way it makes her feel. Say what? We were really excited and asked if we could keep teaching her about our church and those feelings of peace she feels when she reads and comes to eikaiwa. She said yes! We also were able to make an appointment with an investigator we haven't been able to meet for 2 weeks! We also taught a lesson to an old investigator and she said she would be okay to hear more! We also went out to eat with a nonactive who wants nothing to do with the church but loves to feed the missionaries. That was really fun but Ive decided that I can't do Chinese buffets anymore. My tummy wasn't very happy with me. (side note: I told the choros about her and how she loves to feed missionaries at buffets. They were really excited so I told them they should go visit her. They did. And they're going out to eat next week hahaha). Oh!!!!! Gibbs Shimai broke a kitchen chair. She sat on the chair and it just collapsed. First thing she said was, "It's the bread!!!" It was hilarious. 

My beans [new junior companions] are getting better at speaking Japanese. It's a slow process but they're learning together. We have figured out good ways to practice Japanese while housing so that's been really effective. I'm learning more and more how much I don't understand Japanese grammar since I can't explain why you use 'ga' sometimes and why you use 'wa' other times. That's one thing that just didn't stick during all of my Japanese classes. woops!
The work keeps moving forward though. Life is great. I love being a missionary and my love for the gospel grows daily. Transfers are next week and I have no idea what's going to happen but I have faith that I'll go where I'm needed :) Thank you all for your love and support! It's much appreciated! church is true!

Sugihara Shimai

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