Sunday, September 15, 2013

And Then There Were Three! 8/12/2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka? [How are you?] Watashi wa genki desu yoooo! [I'm doing great!] This was possibly the CRAZIEST transfer ever. There were 20 new missionaries (one choro [elder] was 6'7"!!!!!!! That's 2 meters!) and almost every shimai companionship switched and every shimai is training, including me! But Heavenly Father decided to bless me and let me keep my first bean, so now we are a trio! Yeah, kinda crazy/scary having two gaijin [foreignor] beans but I'm looking at it as a way for me to grow even more, learn even more patience, and get blessings! The hombu [mission home] was a madhouse, 40 plus missionaries (there are 3 other trios same as ours. Two happen to be my trainers Yabutani Shimai and Nanjo Shimai), a new assistant to the president, and about 8 missionaries going home. Not to mention that the beans missed one of their flights so the whole orientation schedule was off about half a day. It was nuts. So I was really happy when the bus pulled into Obihiro station. Oh yeah, I'm still training in Obihiro! So is the Nihonjin [Japanese sister], Furue Shimai, in our apartment so its 3.5 gaijin and her. At the end of the day we always just lay on our futons and talk in Japanese haha. Other than our apartment being crowded and taking 5 min showers, its a party. I'm happy to be here another transfer. There are miracles waiting and I want to work with the members more. Obihiro now has 11 missionaries so the blessings and miracles are just going to keep on coming.
She made a mountain of potato salad and curry for us!

My new companion is from Utah and is 19. She seems really quiet and picks things up really fast. She's not afraid to speak the little that she does know and I like that! She's still a little jet laggy, which is totally understandable but she's working hard. We have already had 3 lessons together and working out how to coordinate who speaks what when 2 don't speak is going to be interesting but I have faith that things will work out.

Speaking of which, we had an incredible experience the other day! We were housing and this guy came up and talked to us. He came to Hokkaido just for Aug to get some spiritual healing and to just get away from the world. He saw us and since he has no friends here, decided to talk to us. After telling him we couldn't go out for a drink in response to his invitation, we told him we could meet him for lunch and talk about our church, and he said sure! So we had lunch with him on Saturday and it went really well. He is incredibly interested and feels like his healing is going to come from this, rather than staring at the beautiful nature (although that has many healing properties as well). We have another lesson planned for Friday and I'm really excited for how things are going to go!

Hokkaido isn't nearly as hot as Honshu so I'm not going to complain but it is hot. I feel sticky and unattractive every day but its all good. All party of the dendo [proselyting] beauty pageant, helmet and all. I fall in love with Japan a little more each day. The clothes, the food, futons, sweets, all of it. I would love to sleep on a futon for the rest of my life. It's great! It makes me a little sad Jonathan wont get the same experience, but I know he will have way crazier experiences (and hotter weather haha) in Thailand. I'm bummed I missed his farewell and all the fun family time around his leaving, but I'm glad the attention was on him for the day. I'm sure he loved it ;) Good luck Jonathan! I  love you so much and know you will do great things!

I love dendo and I love being out here, heat and all. This is truly the Lord's work and I'm happy to be His servant, just for a little while. Thank you for all your love, support, prayers, and letters!!!! I apparently forgot my camera but there are pictures posted on the Evans' facebook (Pres. Evans Sapporo Missionary History something something). There are also some pictures on an Obihiro Missionary History page. I don't know, go ahead and look for it! Love you all!
[Can't figure out how to rotate the pic--sorry!]

Sugihara Shimai

ps. Just kidding. Stole my companion's camera.

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