Monday, June 3, 2013

Interesting Experiences This Week 6/3/2013


Lots of interesting experiences this week. We unfortunately didn't have very many lessons, so we did a lot of finding. We went housing, visited less-actives, and potential investigators. Lots of biking and walking but it was really good.

We met some Americans who are here on an exchange and I had a really good talk with one of the girls. I'm beginning to realize how right you were Mom, my English is already suffering haha. There's a gaijin [foreigner] in my apartment and so I use English a bit in the apartment, but generally speaking, I'm beginning to prefer Japanese. In other good news, I'm somewhat funny in Japanese! Not funny as in said something wrong (although there is a lot of that) but humorous. Now this may not seem like that big of a deal is. Unfortunately, since we haven't been teaching lessons, that part of my Japanese isn't really progressing. But we are both trying through role plays to members and stuffed animals haha. 

My companion and I have started doing jogging dendo where while we are running in the morning, we say good morning to people. We have also been going through the area book and trying to find old investigators. We found this lady, called, made an appt, and visited her the other day. It somehow ended up wayyy too long, she wouldn't stop talking, and I ended up getting a kimono. Not really sure how that happened but either way, it did. While housing, we knocked on the door of the one guy and that turned into a creepy experience really fast. He asked us to come work for him. I didn't understand a lot of the words he used but judging from my companion's look and reaction, it was obvious he was a pimp. The conversation got a little heated so we left pretty quick. 

Other than that, my week wasn't very eventful. Just the regular wonderful daily dendo :) We are going to Sapporo again this week, there's a sister training meeting. And although I really dont want to spend 6 hours on a bus again, I know training is necessary. So off we go again! 

My companion showed me an incredible scripture this week. Its in the Book of Mormon. Mosiah 2:41. I love this scripture! It applies to both missionaries and non missionaries. When we are obedient, we are happy! A lot of people think that doing what they want to do will make them happy but in the long doesn't. Doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do makes us happy. Although I knew that, I'm glad that scripture re-emphasized that for me at the beginning of my mission. Obedience brings blessings! 

I'm out of time but thanks for the love support and prayers!! Love you!

Sugihara Shimai


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