Monday, June 3, 2013

Being a Missionary Is...

[Sugihara Shimai's mom here.We got an actual letter in the mail this week! I think you'll enjoy it.]

Being a missionary is...

...skirt and bike problems every day.

...having a cell phone that looks like a remote.

...classy. Skirts, letters, looking nice every day; it
   doesn't continue post-mission.

...talking about an awkward date and everyone 
   wondering how a baptismal date can be  
   awkward. #stillabean

...scarfing down  half a loaf of warm homemade
   bread under the stairs of the apartment of the
   member who gave it to us. (In our defense, it
   was right before dinner and we still had an hour
   left of dendo.)

...getting your bicycle pooped on right after you
   get off.

...when obedience means riding your bike hard
   and fast and running up the stairs to make it in
   by the 9:00 curfew.

...falling asleep during companion prayer and
   failing to say Amen.

...nightmares consisting of hugs from men.

...being known for wearing helmets.

...eating conbini [convenience] food often enough
   to be friends with the cashiers and saying Hi to
   them on the street.

...having an entirely new vocab, neither really
   Japanese of English. It's 'Missionary Engrish'.

...being able to pack everying you have in an hour
   and a half.

...falling in love with colored tape, stamps,
   stickers, envelopes and pens., pictures, pictures.

...not having any privacy or real alone time.

...recognizing small daily miracles.

...sharing too much information with your

...liking Mondays a little more than pre-mission.

...your heart growing ten times bigger.

...realizing how little you know, how small you
   are, how much God loves you, how much you
   love this gospel, and how necessary the
   Atonement was and is all rolled into one!

...the funnest thing I've ever done.

~Sugihara Shima

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