Saturday, May 11, 2013

This Week In a Nutshell 4/28/2013

Hi family and friends!
Happy Golden Week! Hope the family is doing well! Haven't heard any bad news, so thats good. I have some news! Well kind of haha. This week we got a phone call saying that we now have Coordinating Sisters, which are the equivalent of Zone Leaders. So that's exciting. I joked about sisters being APs [Assistant to the President] before I left, but seeing how much they do, I dont want that responsibility anymore haha. I also got a call from the AP this week. They are just checking up on all the bean-chans [new missionaries] and seeing how we are doing. They also told us that by August, we are getting 20 new sisters, most gaijins [foreignors]. Right now 2/3 are Japanese sisters but Sister Evans said its going to switch pretty soon. We have 21 shimais [sisters] right now and between the next two transfers (next week and in June), 6 are going home. So if you do the math right....I'm not going to stay a bean [junior copanion] very long. And by the time transfers come, Nanjo Shimai will have been in Atsubetsu for 7 months so I will probably be staying. The thought of being a senior companion is slightly terrifying, but other than the initial heart attack, it's been good for me to know this is what's coming. It's giving me motivation to work harder and pay attention to where we going, planning, names, etc, because I could potentially be in charge of all of that sooner than I thought. The Kobe mission is getting 80 sisters by October, so thats crazy.

Mission life is fun. Nanjo Shimai hit her year mark this week! The weather has been terrible (rain, wind, more rain and wind) so that's been a bummer, but everything else is great. I love district meetings! (There's an elder in my district from Bellingham!) As weird as I thought role playing was before, I like it now and find it really helpful. This week we have a zone training meeting so that will be fun. I'm excited to meet more missionaries since I don't feel like I really know anybody.

Finding/housing/streeting hasn't been our top priority this week (although we had 5 new investigators..!) but I like it. Funny story from streeting: we had just biked up a hill and the wind and rain were crazy. We stopped a girl and started asking her questions, but I couldn't hear her responses over the wind and my own wheezing haha. But I just kept talking to her anyway and offered a pamphlet. She eventually walked away but I couldn't help but laugh at the situation of being so out of breath I couldnt hear haha. I've started running in the mornings so that should help with the whole cardio thing. The weather is supposed to warm up soon, but some of the members were saying sometimes is rainy and blah until June. So I might invest in some rainboots. I also had the naive lofty goal of not wiping out one time on my bicycle during the mission....already didn't make it haha. It didn't hurt and my bike is fine but Nanjo Shimai was like, "There isnt even ice!" haha.

We haven't been teaching a whole lot of lessons lately (then again not really sure yet what the normal amount is) but I'm still trying to work on them in Japanese. Progress is slower than Id like but at least a little progress is good. I'm also working on the whole not being awkward when getting to know someone. It's really easy for me to be quiet and let Nanjo Shimai do the talking but she wisely suggested I join in, too. Lots to learn! 

Sorry for the short email. I'm trying to think of all of the great things that happened this week but nothing is really coming to mind...we have met a lot of great people and I love getting to know them. Everyone has their own story and something to offer. Oh! We went shopping last P-day [Preparation Day] at a recycle shop near our was beautiful. I love the clothes here right now. I ended up buying more skirts and a few summer shirts, so that was fun. We had dinner at a member's house and that was really fun. It was so nice to eat homemade food that I didn't make. Our recipe list is a little short (especially with so little time) so it's nice to get some variety :) 

I think thats about it... Thank you all for your love and prayers! They're appreciated more than you know! 

Sugihara Shimai


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