Saturday, May 11, 2013

Got My Companion for the Next 18 Months! 4/21/2013

Another week gone by! I have to admit, this week was a lot more tiring than the last. I bought a bicycle so now we can cover more ground! But that also means I'm alot more tired, which is a good thing. My bike is a bright yellow mamachari [mama-san bike]. Her name is Satsuki-chan and my helmet's name is Totoro (get it?get it?) [from the movie 'My Neighbor Totoro']. The first few days were a little rough but I'm fine now. I'm probably going to need to get a few more skirts that are longer though.

It's warming up, but being on bicycles, I still wear thermals. This week we experienced wind, hail, snow, rain, more wind, and more rain. So much fun. We also shoveled snow this week! We were going house to house when this old Obaachan [grandma] answered the door. She couldn't hear us very well through the doorbell intercom. Turns out she's 85 and her husband is 90 and since they can both barely walk, they haven't been able to clear out the snow that fell off the roof. We offered to do it and surprisingly, she let us. So in our skirts and flats, we shoveled snow. And then we came back the next day to finish the job. She was so cute and she was so grateful someone took care of the snow for her. She's not really interested in the church but surprisingly, her husband took the lessons a few years ago. It's her birthday today so were going to stop by her house with the picture we took of us together, and share a scripture. I'll attach the picture for guys, too.
Ojiisan [Grandpa Sugihara] sent me 3 boxes. One was [homegrown] rice, two were hassaku [homegrown citrus fruit]. I was so happy! Although I think I'll be sharing the hassaku since I don't think I will be eating them all by myself...I'm going to send Fujie a letter, but tell him thank you for me as well! I'm very very grateful. It's cool, too, because even though he's not super interested in the church, he still supports his grandkids. That makes me happy :)

My Japanese is progressing. Nanjo Shimai [Sister Nanjo] says I'm getting better, but I don't really see it. Church gives me a headache since there's so much I don't understand haha, but I'm trying. People are always way too nice and say my Japanese is good--but we all know that that means it isn't.

I'm in charge of the litte kid Eikaiwa [English conversation] class (their parents come too) and I'd love ideas. I'm so not cute at stuff like this. I  taught last week and it went alright but...I could use some help haha. As time goes on, I find more and more personality traits/character flaws that need some work. It's a humbling process but I'm growing.

I love hearing all of the missionary news. Im so excited for all of them! Our group going to Japanese was the biggest yet (there were 17 new missionaries) but they're going to continue to grow. Sapporo is opening up new areas for sisters and Kaicho [President] said that sisters are going to become trainers faster. The work is moving along!

We met a lot of interesting people this week and encountered a lot of interesting religions. I like getting to know other people and their religions; it makes missionary work fun. We also visited a ton of inactives this week. The ward is big, but there are a lot of people who don't attend so right now our focus is working with members and non actives.

I think thats about it for this week...I cant think of anything else really exciting... I'll include some pictures if the laptop will let me.

I love missionary work, this church, and serving the Lord. Thank you all for your support!

Sugihara Shimai

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