Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Week Sayonara 8/25/2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Konnichiwa! Sorry my email time has been so erratic lately. We are trying to figure out the email situation with 3 of us and we have been meeting with investigators in the afternoon lately on P-day so hence, the random times. This week we had exchanges and a zone training meeting. We had 10 shimai in our apartment at one point and it was actually more do-able that I thought it would be. Kaicho [President] and Evans Shimai and the APs came from Sapporo and we basically mogi-ed (role played) the entire time. It was super fun and I love learning with other missionaries. Two missionaries who are on their last transfer bore their testimony and I kind of got a little panicky at how they kept saying how fast it went. I hit my 6 month mark this transfer and THAT scares me. But their testimonies were wonderful and I'm excited to keep learning.

This week was a miracle week. We met with almost all of our investigators, had more member present lessons than usual, and made lots of appointments. For the first time is a long while, our schedule was full of lessons rather than finding. Woohoo! We also found a new investigator! So much happened and I wish I could write it all down but basically, Heavenly Father really helped us out this week. Gibbs Shimai went to Sapporo on exchanges (it was kind of a bizarre exchange) and she came back with even more drive to learn Japanese. I joked and said I should send her to Sapporo every week ;) We taught our golden investigator for the last time, since he's moving back to Sendai. The lesson went really well and ended really awkwardly when he said he would come to America to marry one of us. Sooo its probably a good thing he is moving. But he said he would be baptized so I'm hoping things go well with the Sendai missionaries. We also got to meet another investigator we haven't met with in weeks and that went really well! She is actually going to Utah in October for a doterra convention and she talked about being baptized after that because she really likes our church. So that made me happy! Funny story though, the elders were housing last week and rang her doorbell. She talked about going to eikaiwa [English classes] and they thought she was potential investigator. I felt bad telling them that she actually already was an investigator haha. We have had some overlap with the choros [elders] lately; like housing the same the same time. That was funny. I guess Obihiro just needs this many missionaries to find those who have been prepared!
 I feel like I write the same thing every week so in a nutshell, our investigators aren't really progressing but we are trying hard to help them progress, as well as of course, find new investigators! Dendo [missionary work] is fun though and we definitely feel Heavenly Father's hand guiding us. Speaking of which, the other day during companionship study, we did a role play. Usually the two beans do the role play while I guide/fix their Japanese but I felt like I needed practice, so I did it. Ohhhh man it was bad haha. I had no idea what to say and it came out really rough. So I realized how much Heavenly Father and the Spirit help me when I teach because by myself, not much comes out. He is very aware that I have two new missionaries and He is definitely helping.

Sugihara Shimai and her two junior companions
One of my transfer goals is to finish The Book of Mormon and right now I'm in 3rd Nephi. One of my favorites that I love sharing with people is 3rd Nephi 9:14. Jesus Christ has so much love for us. Another one I liked in Helaman was Hel 14:30. Agency is such a gift and the commandments truly do make us free; they don't restrict us. Once we realize that, we truly are free. I love The Book of Mormon and love what it teaches us. I love the gospel and that love grows daily! thank you for all your love and support and prayers. Love you!


Sugihara Shimai


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