Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! 5/13/2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Mothers Day from Japan! Even though its already Monday haha (I realized I forgot to say that on the phone yesterday, so sorry Mama!). Well the big news of this week was that I transferred! To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Six weeks in an area is just not enough. I was finally getting to know streets and everyone's names! But that's okay. I had 2 days to get over the shock while I packed. Luckily, I had a little bit of time to go around and say goodbye to people. I didn't realize how sad it would be. When I said goodbye to our sweet 86 year old obaachan (Grandma) investigator, she almost cried. Makes me want to go back to Atsubetsu, preferably during the mission but after would be OK, too. The few members I was able to say goodbye to were surprised I was leaving so soon but they wished me well. I loved my first trainer and we were finally working well together, but I'm excited for her second bean-chan [new missionary]. Nanjo Shimai is a great missionary. Transfer day was crazy. Because of the musical fireside coming up, we had a 3 hour practice with most of the missionaries. So that plus lunch, plus a bunch of luggage, plus a ton of missionaries who haven't seen eachother in a long time made for a crazy gathering. But it was super fun.
My new companion is Yabutani Shimai and she just finished training, so I'm her first bean! She is from Osaka, so one of my goals is to be fluent in Osaka-ben [Osaka dialect-ugh] by the end of this transfer ;) She has never ending energy and always jokes about how old she is (24). So I call her Obasan [Auntie] sometimes and she thinks it's hilarious. She's somewhat sarcastic, or at least appreciates my sarcasm haha. According to the APs [Assistants to the President], we are probably the youngest companionship in the mission, but that just gives me extra motivation to work harder. I'm now in Obihiro, which is a 3 1/2 hour bus ride from where I was before. I'm now in the boonies haha. Apparently the apartment I was in before is the nicest shimai apartment in the mission, so everything from now on is going to be a step down- but that's okay. There are 4 shimai [sisters] in our apartment, so it's like college! Just more spiritual. And less space. But I'm excited. Theres another gaijin [foreigner]bean in the apartment--who speaks French, German, and Spanish-- and then 2 Nihonjin shimai. So far, the past 2 days have been fun! Church was a little overwhelming with all the new names, but not as bad as my first Sunday haha. There are 10 missionaries that attend this ward. I'm pretty sure this area has the most missionaries haha. So, the weekly fruit basket [food/goodie box] from the members is going to be a little slim, but I'm excited to get to know other missionaries. We haven't had any lessons yet, but I'm excited to meet our investigators. 

Sugihara, Yabutani, Parker, Nanjo Shimais
I love learning more about the gospel and continuing to grow. Being out on a mission is an incredible experience. Thank you for all of your love,support, and prayers. I'll keep sending letters to people, but I don't know if anyone is getting them haha. Love you all! Thank you!!

Sugihara Shimai

ps. Emily Drake soon to be Matson, I got your wedding announcement! It's so cute! And the picture is perfection. Thanks for not forgetting about me ;) Congrats in advance!


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